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  1. holy hell this is bad ass!

  2. that is amazing, kudos

  3. Hilarious haha

  4. lmao, impressive

  5. DAMN !! it's cool...

  6. Amazing. Only thing that would make this better is changing the mouse cursor into a delicious seal. Haha.

  7. Great job.

  8. Very nicely done!

  9. I like making him agree with me.

    Is it a Quiznos kinda lunch today Mr. Whale?

    [[ shake cursor up and down ]]

  10. Haha, this is really fun :)

  11. Lol awesome!

  12. Damnnn that's cool.

  13. This is really cool.

  14. Mean Muggin' Killer Whale has the best Defense in the game Lol! His Block game is tight!

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