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                // Function that sums two numbers
const summation = function (a, b) {
 if (typeof(a) === 'number' && typeof(b) === 'number') {
   console.log('From Summation function');
   return a + b;
  return "Invalid Entry";

// To create a Property name from the arguments passed to the function
const constructPropertyFromArgs = function (fnToMemoize, args) {
  let propToCheck = [];
  propToCheck = propToCheck.concat(, args);
  return propToCheck.join('|'); // A delimiter to join args

// To manage space complexity
// To maintain only specified number of elements in the cache and deleting the others using First In First Out approach
const manageInsertion = function(memoizedCache, propToCheck, cacheSize = 10) {
  if (memoizedCache.insertionOrder.length >= cacheSize) {
    const oldestElementName = memoizedCache.insertionOrder.shift();
    delete memoizedCache[oldestElementName];

//  `memoize` function  decides if it has to return cached value or call the summation function
const memoize = function (fnToMemoize, cacheSize) {
  if (!(typeof fnToMemoize === 'function')) {
    throw new Error('Argument passed to memoize function should be a function');
  const memoizedCache = {         // A closure object
    insertionOrder: []            // To preserve the order of Insertion, so that FIFO can be implemented
  return function(...args) {
    const propToCheck = constructPropertyFromArgs(fnToMemoize, args);
    if (!memoizedCache[propToCheck]) {
      memoizedCache[propToCheck] = fnToMemoize(...args);
      manageInsertion(memoizedCache, propToCheck, cacheSize);
    } else  {
      console.log('From Cache ');
      // LRU logic implementation, moving the current element name to end of the array
      const currIndex = memoizedCache.insertionOrder.indexOf(propToCheck);
      memoizedCache.insertionOrder.splice(currIndex, 1);
    return memoizedCache[propToCheck];

const memSummation = memoize(summation, 2);  // `memoize` is a HOC

console.log(memSummation(10, 50));
console.log(memSummation(10, 53));
console.log(memSummation(10, 56));
console.log(memSummation(10, 56));
console.log(memSummation(11, 80));