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Fixed the header after scrolling and move the background until the end of the document. WATCH FULLSCREEN FOR BETTER EXPERIENCE Take a look at the photo on top during scrolling :)


  1. why is there left over space to scroll at the end? (chrome)

  2. Not bad ! But you should toggle class instead of style it in javascript

  3. @bulby97 don't know why I didn't think on that :O Btw, thanks for the tip!

  4. More than the effect I actually like the subject you picked for this pen.

  5. @pixelass it's a casual article from Medium :)

  6. @dghez .. I know (linked on the bottom).. still it's a lot nicer than some lorem-boring-ipsum.. also gives the impression that you care ;) I've known a few kids with down syndrome ("known".. sadly). I bet the girl on the horse is having the time of her life

  7. @dghez beautiful code. just a question, is this responsive? I'm in responsive mode on dev tools in safari and it seems to be working just fine. But i am trying to open up on my actual phone and it doesn't seem to be loading. any idea on what is going on?

  8. @twesh I checked on my OnePlus and everything works fine. The problem depends on the ratio of the image, as you can see on mobile there isn't any image part to scroll.

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