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How to play: Drag cub to star, Drag grid to rotate.

Also available at cubnpup.com

This is a proof-of-concept for a game. Basic art, no sound, no options, no polish. But the core game-play is there. It's more of a mobile game, focused on dragging β€” inspired by Threes. I'm looking to see if its any fun. Let me know!

I've always wanted to make a video game. This could be the one. My previous attempts never got past isolated demos because they were aiming for bigger ideas. They grew complex and unwieldy. So this game is designed to be simple. A game that I can actually make.


  1. Seriously good.

  2. This is amazing and seriously addicting.

  3. I would love to see this a mobile app game. This game would be very popular

  4. i like it very much ! I did all internships

  5. Bas Groothedde @ImagineProgramming on

    Awesome game, you should build it for Mobile!

  6. Be sure to give us a link to this game when you get it finished. I would definitely play it!

    My only regret is that I have but 3 hearts to give.

  7. Dave, I'm blown away, man. This is SO good! Build it out!

  8. This is awesome, and lovely!

  9. Incredible game, Fun to play

  10. This is phenomenal.

  11. Cool game! :)

  12. Maybe you can add time for each level and do some simple algorithm with it to make total score. Also instead of star and mickey mouse silhouette you can add some monster facebook following food like cookie or whatever you like.

  13. I think this could be the new 2048. When it was born it was only a web app. Create a site for your game, it's fantastic. But you can add the possibility to create new levels :)

  14. Matt Smith @AllThingsSmitty on

    Love it! Great work! 🐻 ⭐️

  15. binarycat @lolbinarycat418 on

    Awesome! If you could make a desktop version w/ arrow keys that would be even more awesome!

  16. binarycat @lolbinarycat418 on

    @waqasss I think it should be per moves scoring.

  17. Super addicting! Just finished the last level! I could definitely see this game as a mobile app! Loved it! Keep up the great work!

  18. Wow. This is seriously well done. Nice work!

  19. Simple, yet fun to play!

  20. Simple, fun, quick

  21. Wilbur @wilburlikesmith on

    Wow! Need a team member?

  22. Thank you for your kind words! The huge response is an uplifting thrill.

    So what's next? Well, not much.

    This concept is my first game. While I am excited to build it, I am cautious about how much work needs to go into it. Currently, I have other priorities.

    I'd love to make this concept into a legit iOS or Android app, but I currently do not have any plans to do so. As a JavaScript developer, I'd be in a whole new development environment, learning a new programming language. That's a tall order. A mobile web app is a more realistic thing I can release, but again, no plans.

    I have ideas of what that app/game would look like. 1st thing would be to add the Pup, currently missing. There's so much more that could be done: music, sound effects, background art, endless game mode (like Threes). The game play feels like a great start. But I'll have to leave it there for a while.

  23. This is awesome! Even if you never turn this into a native app, please turn it into a simple PWA. It works so well on mobile.

  24. Man this is seriously freaking good! And such a fun game.

  25. Why have you cursed me with this addiction! Lol, it's an awesome game

  26. Really clever game πŸŽ‡

  27. Superior time waster. Def get folks hooked.

  28. I like how you introduce and teach new mechanics progressively. It's a clever concept and was well executed. Keep it up!

  29. Awesome!!!

  30. Wow! A full-fledged game, well thought, well designed game-play and development. Great!

  31. LOVE this!!!

  32. This is SUPER awesome! I would probably download it if its a mobile app. Hope you will add more stuff in the future!:)

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