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I'm trying to come up with ideas for my new site's homepage and "mem". Just testing out another hover technique.


  1. Good Job, It's simply and flat design ;-) But it's possible for multi-galery? ThX

  2. @cedric, you can totally use it in a multi-gallery. It's really easy. I made everything in classes so it really easy to make it work together.

  3. Hi, Yes it's possible, but i have to duplicate all CSS for one image or do you have a other solution? Because, it's a galery with 60 images (background different) and the code (Css) is so long if i duplicate for all. What do you think?

  4. @cedric Well, there are a few options that would make that happen. The one with the least amount of code and that is dynamic would have to use javascript. You would then set a data attribute on the .content-item. Here is an example: http://codepen.io/davidleininger/pen/tqmyn

  5. Hi, it's OK! This code is very good for multi-galery. And the code is light. I didn't see this version. Nice Job ;-) ThX.

  6. @cedric, that's because I made it after you asked for it, haha! I'm glad it works.

  7. Ha ok, ;-) It's good. I'll try to add the option page for only 4 or 6 boxes per page. For don't have a page with a height so strong. If you want, i send you this modification if i found that ;-)

  8. Hi David - I love your Text Revel on Hover: Corner Trianlge Slide Overlay! I am also interested in doing a multi display (just 3 across). I have added the html, css & js to my page but the animation is not working. Sorry I'm new to CodePen and am probably doing something silly. If you have a minute please take a look at: http://www.kaufmanwebconsulting.com/womens-new/about-us-new-multi.html. You will notice that I have not changed the images/content yet. Thanks very much! Linda

  9. @lindak816 - You probably copied the SCSS code. Click the complied view. That should work.


  10. Thanks David for your reply! I actually got it working but it's not perfect yet. My problem is that it looks great on a large monitor or MacBook but on an iPad the 3 overlay images I created (from your code) are set to 100% width apparently and I can't get it to stay within the constraints of the division above it. If you have a moment if you could take a look at my test page at: http://www.kaufmanwebconsulting.com/womens-new/about-us.html - and let me know what you think I am doing wrong. Your help is very much appreciated! Linda

  11. Hello can someone tell what to do my @import "compass/css3" is not working.

  12. I've encountered a glitch where the page freaks out while using this code in multi-galleries. Has anyone else encountered and troubleshooted this?

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