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Based on a Dribbble by Gal Shir.

Change the slider to see the effect.


  1. I was about to build this one :) This is exactly like the animation. Nice work!

  2. I was hoping someone would do this one! Great work!

  3. haha I wanted to build this out when I saw it on dribbble as well, ya did a killer job!

  4. Absolutely freakin beautiful work <3

  5. Brilliant work...

  6. This is so charming. Great job!

  7. So intuitive! Awesome!

  8. This is so awesome! Great work!

  9. Does not work in Edge

  10. > Does not work in Edge

    I'm not surprised

  11. @HermanGrove Not working in Edge seems to be because Flipping doesn't seem to with Edge. Try delete f.wrap from the code and you should get a fallback animation.

  12. @davidkpiano Would be awesome to see a link to your flipping library on github somewhere on the content of this pen.

  13. coooool :)

  14. This is so lovely. Too good to be true. Amazing pen.

  15. Awesome work. Well done!!!

  16. @Davidkpiano this is incredible! Would love to incorporate this into my site. Assuming I'll need to fork your Flipping repo to make the animation work?

  17. > > Does not work in Edge

    > I'm not surprised

    Still surprised css stuff is being made that doesn't work on all recent browsers.... (even if they are cool)

  18. make it support n rooms!

  19. is it possible to remove first time jumping on init?

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