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Based on a playful Dribbble shot by Ryan Rumbolt and illustration by Alexey Kuvaldin.

Works best in Chrome :)


  1. This is really cool, good job :D

  2. So cute!!! Great work!!! :)

  3. so awesome !!!

  4. Damn is that cute o_o

  5. this is crazy good.. awesome job.. the noise effect is amazing on this

  6. Awwww ♥♥♥ esome ☺

  7. It's so amazing and in just CSS!

  8. I am in love with this pen mate! Awesome job!

  9. That's really cool! 👍

  10. This is flipping awesome!

  11. Are you kidding me! This is F**** AWESOME!

  12. amazing work!! I can't believe you could get a noise effect with css

  13. @mattgreenberg Thank you! The noise effect is actually due to SVG filters being applied to the CSS via keyframe animations, based on a technique by @lbebber: http://codepen.io/lbebber/pen/KwGEQv

  14. Amazing!!!

  15. Seriously sweet Huskeyframes!

  16. < class="open-mouthed" />

    If it were possible, I would put in a frame on the wall of my room.

  17. One can only imagine where CSS would be in a couple of years. Splendid work!

  18. that noise effect is really cool!

  19. This is insane, how in the world did you this?! Fantastic use of CSS my friend Bravo!

  20. This is just fantastic :O well played !

  21. What? This is amazing! Great Job and thanks for sharing!

  22. Wow! Great job!

  23. Hawt dawg!! You did an amazing job here!! XD

  24. Skill level : jedi.

  25. This is awesome, I was about asking the same question with @mattgreenberg but already answered.

  26. Dude, you are the coolest ever. God, do I envy your skill.

  27. Very nice! Good work

  28. Wow! This is great!!

  29. Adorable and mind-blowing! I can't believe this is all CSS.

  30. FREAKING AWESOME! Congrats!! ;-)

  31. this is ultra amazing!

  32. WOW , am I the only one jealous here?

  33. Awesome! Good work!

  34. Love the SVG Filter effects – awesome work!

  35. Soo cool! Awesome mastery of css

  36. is awesome dude!!!! great work!!

  37. Just out of curiosity: How long did this take you?

  38. Really amazing job!!! it´s so sweet <3

  39. awesome work <3

  40. @henning_ko I did this in about 2-3 hours. :) The longest part was adjusting the border radii on each of the elements.

  41. Wow, Lovely! :3 I love the animations! Nice work.

  42. SO COOL

    This is fantastically awesome(even though it looks better without SVG filters

  43. Are you kidding ME? This is so awesome dude. Inspiring to see this done entirely without scripting

  44. This is amazing, you've given the dog a personality and everything

  45. Its a fantastic work.. but i cant hear any sound.. can anyone help me?

  46. Unbelievably, stupendously awesome! I'm wondering, how long did it take to write this huge bulk of css?

  47. my browser cant even handle this much css lol.

  48. That turbulence filter though! :)

  49. I set this boy as my wallpaper with plasteur and im so happy to see him every time i alt tab

  50. Holy moly

  51. Nice!

  52. I saw your talk at ReactRally and love your work. It makes sense you're an artist who happens to code. Keep it up!

  53. it looks and feels and acts like a dog. that's lovely ^_^

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