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An interactive healthcare UI motion design concept by Fantasy Interactive realized in CSS3 and jQuery for triggering animations.


  1. Looks really cool, but i found few bugs: 1) You need to block "Make appointment" button when user processing the form. I'm opening form, clicking "Next step" and then clicking "Make appointment" again, new form appears above previous and everything becomes messy. 2) On second form step, if i'm checking many multiple elements, and then checking one more, border's of nearest element's slightly shakes.

  2. Thanks, @suez - I fixed the first issue, but the second one just seems to be a browser quirk.

  3. Nice work!

  4. Marcel @marcel-robitaille on

    Its very nice but it would be great if you could add some media queries as my screen is too short to see the next button. maybe even an overflow: auto

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