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Another Dribbble rework of an original shot by Sergey Valiukh. Chrome and Safari only, for now.


  1. Works fine in Safari 8, too.

  2. Thanks, Michiel! Updated the pen.

  3. @GloverDonovan Thank you! I started off many years ago in LESS, and moved over to Sass/SCSS for many reasons - native loops and control structures (for, if, else, etc.) are a huge advantage, as well as its native handling of @extend (which seems to be an afterthought in LESS). LESS is good for some things though, such as real-time (fast!) compilation in JavaScript, if you so choose. I can list many other reasons but I'll point you to Hugo Giraudel's article on the subject for now.

  4. This is amazing.

  5. Wow, looks awesome. How exactly works days multiselect with css?

  6. @suez I'll write a blog post on this one day, but it's a combination of using sibling selectors (+ and ~), careful specificities, and the versatile pointer-events: none rule.

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