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Based on a Dribbble by Stan Yakusevich. Drag the range thumb to see the effect.

Works best on Chrome (desktop and mobile), and Safari on iPad (oddly enough). Works decently in Firefox, but only because I added a fallback. Click the switch to reveal the real HTML5 range input.


  1. I'd love to see it change it's zoom "in" effect based on the position of the slider. I expected it visually to start coming from the left as I moved the slider in the direction. Nice pen!

  2. Peter Wise @squarecandy-1472176736 on

    Nicely done. Very cool concept! I noticed that the on/off slider only works when you click on the circle part. Some people might try and "swipe", lifting their mouse up on the non-button part. Some people might try and click on the "on" or "off" label.

  3. Oh neat. Perfect combination of opacity + scale and gradient animating.

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