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Based on an animation by Joseph Ryba: https://www.instagram.com/p/BaFwMjpgu2a/?taken-by=joe_ryba

Works best on Chrome.


  1. Works nicely on my old 2011 mac (without WebGL support) 👍🏽

  2. Great job David, waiting THREE.js version 😊

  3. Well, I made this the other day: https://codepen.io/EricPorter/pen/EoJprr Now I feel like I've been gut punched.

    Amazing, wonderful, work.

  4. Curious: Do you use an animation program of some kind that converts it to CSS? Or just hand write the SCSS?

  5. The shadows are what got me. They're faux cubes. I get it now. Brilliant.

  6. @ericporter all done by hand! I wish there was a program that converted it to CSS!

  7. @davidkpiano Kudos friend, you have a great design eye and some mad SCSS skills.

  8. This is absolutely amazing lol, how did you learn to do that? I didnt know this was even possible with pure html/css. Great job !

  9. Holy crap. That's slick. Tripple like

  10. This is so well done - great work @davidkpiano

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