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Based on an adorable Dribbble by Gal Shir 🐱


  1. VERY cute result. Terrifying code. I think that's one reason why I wouldn't try to do anything of the kind. If it can't all be generated using a mathematical pattern, then it's all so daunting to me, like a huge wall.

  2. @thebabydino I know 😅 not proud of the HTML but it's necessary for the effect.

  3. Amazing work, seriously.

  4. Man, this is really good.

  5. This is NUTS (in a good way)

  6. So cute!!! Cool work!!! Cheers!!! :)

  7. It would be cute if we have a puppy here.

  8. aaaah, it s so cutie and interesting work ^^

  9. This is AMAZING! Great work!

  10. How? Just how? This is amazing work, David!

  11. Woooow, how did you manage to get that nice 3d feel with only CSS? O.O

  12. How cute!!!!

  13. So adorbs! The movement feels so realistic. I can feel the weight of the kitten!

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