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A few examples of flashy hover effects. Currently updating this pen. Work in Progress


  1. Wonderful hover effects! :)

  2. Wow, i was not aware that you can transition font-weight :D (actually i never tried, but it's still cool)

  3. Very cool. Nice job.

  4. Very nice. Here's a collection of buttons I created.

  5. @kjbrum thank you. Digging yours as well.

  6. @ahmad_hania That is sweet! thanks for the link.

  7. That Depress and Fade button. Niiiice!

  8. Cool. Your work is amazing. I need design inspiration (for a developer ;). Nice effect. I've seen many effects with unbelievable, unnecessary code. I'll check out more of your work cheers!

  9. Looks nice man, but put transition on the original element. So on hover out, there is also an animation.

  10. @BramKrekels Thanks! Not sure I follow on the rest of the comment. There should be transitions back to original state on all of these. Is there one in particular that you dont see one?

  11. @davidicus Woops, my bad! I was editing and playing around, then I figured the animation was on the hover only. But I was wrong. Nice work!

  12. I got the code but when I do it .. there is some traingle inside the button on the ground border .. I dont know how it came

  13. Too much red, isn't it? But eyes are ok )

  14. thank you, it's creative Can I use it in commercial projects or now

  15. @sniper_man, feel free to use in whatever way you like.

  16. @kaksdelatpravilno I actually attribute the red color to this pen's popularity. It draws attention. It is by far my most viewed pen with more views than all other pens I have put together.

  17. @nileshgiri not sure which button you are mentioning. Perhaps a link to your code

  18. That center effect is incredibly satisfying.

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