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  1. hi David,

    This simple script is great. I love it.

    The only thing i couldn't figure out is how do i put a delay on each picture so that it will pause for 5 seconds and then fade into the next picture.

  2. @mattlok Oh god, this pen almost dead. It's been 2 years. I tried change the animation time to 20s, it's take longer to fade. Forgive my english

  3. how to add delay between them?

  4. Hi David... I just wanted to thank you for your dissolve slider. It's perfect for websites. If you ever need any images to use in your examples... I have many. Just let me know and I'll fix you up with some. https://www.houstoncommercialphotography https://www.mysensualgift.com http://www.themasterimage

    Again, many thanks for the great and simple dissolve slider!

  5. Hey @davidhc If there is any chance you see this I was just wondering how to add more slides? Thanks for any help in advance! Great pen

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