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              <div class="container py-5">
  <div class="output" id="output">
    <h1 class="cursor"></h1>
              body {

.output {
  font-family: 'Source Code Pro', monospace;
  h1 {

/* Cursor Styling */

.cursor::after {
  animation-iteration-count: infinite;
h1.cursor::after {
p.cursor::after {

@keyframes blink {
  0% {
  49% {
  50% {
  100% {
              // values to keep track of the number of letters typed, which quote to use. etc. Don't change these values.
var i = 0,
    a = 0,
    isBackspacing = false,
    isParagraph = false;

// Typerwrite text content. Use a pipe to indicate the start of the second line "|".  
var textArray = [
  "What do you call an alligator wearing a vest?|An Investigator", 
  "What do you call a fake noodle?|An Impasta", 
  "Why shouldn't you write with a broken pencil?|Because it's pointless",
  "Why couldn't the pirate finish the alphabet?|He kept getting lost a C",
  "What's brown and sticky?|A stick",
  "What starts with an E, ends with an E and has one letter in it?|An Envelope",
  "What has four wheels, and flies?|A Garbage truck",
  "What do you call a pig that knows Karate?|Pork Chop",
  "Why did the scarecrow get promoted?|He was out standing in his field.",
  "I have a step ladder|I never knew my real ladder.",
  "What kind of shoes do ninjas wear?|Sneakers"

// Speed (in milliseconds) of typing.
var speedForward = 100, //Typing Speed
    speedWait = 1000, // Wait between typing and backspacing
    speedBetweenLines = 1000, //Wait between first and second lines
    speedBackspace = 25; //Backspace Speed

//Run the loop
typeWriter("output", textArray);

function typeWriter(id, ar) {
  var element = $("#" + id),
      aString = ar[a],
      eHeader = element.children("h1"), //Header element
      eParagraph = element.children("p"); //Subheader element
  // Determine if animation should be typing or backspacing
  if (!isBackspacing) {
    // If full string hasn't yet been typed out, continue typing
    if (i < aString.length) {
      // If character about to be typed is a pipe, switch to second line and continue.
      if (aString.charAt(i) == "|") {
        isParagraph = true;
        setTimeout(function(){ typeWriter(id, ar); }, speedBetweenLines);
      // If character isn't a pipe, continue typing.
      } else {
        // Type header or subheader depending on whether pipe has been detected
        if (!isParagraph) {
          eHeader.text(eHeader.text() + aString.charAt(i));
        } else {
          eParagraph.text(eParagraph.text() + aString.charAt(i));
        setTimeout(function(){ typeWriter(id, ar); }, speedForward);
    // If full string has been typed, switch to backspace mode.
    } else if (i == aString.length) {
      isBackspacing = true;
      setTimeout(function(){ typeWriter(id, ar); }, speedWait);
  // If backspacing is enabled
  } else {
    // If either the header or the paragraph still has text, continue backspacing
    if (eHeader.text().length > 0 || eParagraph.text().length > 0) {
      // If paragraph still has text, continue erasing, otherwise switch to the header.
      if (eParagraph.text().length > 0) {
        eParagraph.text(eParagraph.text().substring(0, eParagraph.text().length - 1));
      } else if (eHeader.text().length > 0) {
        eHeader.text(eHeader.text().substring(0, eHeader.text().length - 1));
      setTimeout(function(){ typeWriter(id, ar); }, speedBackspace);
    // If neither head or paragraph still has text, switch to next quote in array and start typing.
    } else { 
      isBackspacing = false;
      i = 0;
      isParagraph = false;
      a = (a + 1) % ar.length; //Moves to next position in array, always looping back to 0
      setTimeout(function(){ typeWriter(id, ar); }, 50);
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