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  <h1 class="text-primary">Ted Bell</h1>
<h3><i>The man who created 'The Ted'</i></h3>
  <caption>Ted Bell</caption>
  <img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/philhendrie-akamai/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/21150544/ted-bell.png">
<h3>Here's a timeline of Ted's life:</h3>
  <li>1955: born in Glendale, CA</li>
  <li>1956: first spoke words, "I'm Ted Bell."</li>
  <li>1962: Had a babysitter by the name of Mavis Leonard. </li>
  <li>1965: At a family cookout, first observed the joy freshly grilled quality meat can bring to people</li>
<li>1966: Swore that he would create a great restaurant and "no way in hell" would hippies be allowed</li>
 <li>1967: Mixed chocolate syrup with milk, called it a "Baby Ted" and began selling it to his friends</li>
  <li>1969: Laughs all year long about the year being 69</li>
  <li>1972: Tells father he doesn't need to attend college becaause he's "Ted Bell"</li>
  <li>1975-1982: STDs and cocaine</li>
  <li>1984: Fashion inspired by "Miami Vice"</li>
  <li>1989: Ted, along with investors Bud Dickman and Rudy Canoza, purchase a commercial real estate property in Beverly Hills, CA</li>
  <li>1992: Ted's of Beverly Hills Steakhouse opens</li>
  <li>1993: Ted's begins using award-winning slogan, "we want to put our meat in your mouth" </li>

<h4>"Ted Bell, you sick freak, why don't you get a piece of fat and slide off?"</h4>
  <i>Rudy Canoza, owner, Je T'Aime Lingerie</i>  
<h4>If you have time, you should read <a href="https://www.philhendrieshow.com/ted-bell-bio-2/">this bio about Ted Bell.</a></h4>
              body {
  margin-top: 60px;
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