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Collisions aren't perfect, (nor close to it.... lol) sorry! This game was made in memory of an app I made for Android as a youngin' a few years ago... Felt like it needed a 3D upgrade. :)

From days of old, we've been experimenting with gravity, we started with throwing rocks... Then started throwing elephants; but we got tired of that quick. So we started making planes, rockets, and other things - reaching for the stars. But then one day we figured out how to make a board that changed what we've all been used to; We figured out how to switch gravity for the board's rider. The only thing is, we only made one.... And a monkey stole it. And you're going to help that monkey..... (I really don't like you. Lol, just kidding.)

Now, now, the board was in development when the chimp stole it, so it's a bit difficult for the creature to use. The last guy helping this chimp out broke his phone... Or as we call it, remote monkey controlling device. Have fun!

This app features -

1) Fresh, new graphics. That hopefully suits your fancy. 2) Tapping your screen switches gravity! (Only in game, sadly.) 3) Sometimes makes you want to smash your phone into a wall! Amazing! 4) Addicting, you can barely stop helping this chimp! 5) I'm really bad at adding feature notes! 6) I should actually stop, I don't know what to wright... 7) One more, gotta make it even! 8) This app has 8 features.... It must be a great game!

Origonal Listing on Android market in 2D https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.darrylhuffman.gravichimp&hl=en


  1. Sometimes the chimp becomes a ghost :P but it's an impressively amazing work. Congrats! 👍 👍 👍

  2. Shhh, no one shall know! Hahaha - glad you liked it, @victorfreire ! :) (Just fixed the ghosting a good bit, not completely perfect - but better!)

  3. Now it's perfect! I can't stop playing, but i am very very bad in this game style :/

  4. Harder than Flappy Bird! Amazing work btw

  5. Dude! This game is solid! You did a great job!

  6. So hard, so good...

  7. Thanks for all the kind words guys! This one was an adventure to make. :)

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