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  1. I really liked the concept, on Chrome at the end of the animation the profile picture seems to be slightly blurred, I've got a solid vision but my eyes may be playing tricks on me. Really solid otherwise!

  2. Im not a developer i just do wordpress and joomla and want to sell your elements

  3. Use clip-path :)

  4. You're right the image gets blurred in the very end, and you defenitely should go for more line height. But nice anyway

  5. Wow! Thanks for your kind comments guys, i never expected that. I am using CodePen mostly to help my partner at work to learn some stuff because she is kinda new and still learning, so i mostly have sloppy demo pens etc.

    I made this pen because i saw Envato's contest and had some spare time and i thought it would be nice to create a card mostly for self-trainning and to educate my partner a bit.

    I am glad you liked it! Please feel free to use the concept in your own projects, it's totally fine! :)

    Peace and love <3

  6. hi, am needing someone to help me compile these element into sites are you or anyone able

  7. really slick... nicely done.

  8. @darkosxrc amazing, I really like it ;)

  9. Nice effects. Could be more efficient if ot was not an hover-only effect :) Moreover, It's easy to add. Thanks.

  10. Hi,

    Nice animation. On my smartphone the hover will be executed on click. How do you achieve that? (Or is this Android specific?)

  11. Hello Alex, thank you very much :)

    It's the normal behavior on touch devices. They respond on :hover when you tap.

  12. I'm late but this is SO DOPE! I wanna be like you when I grow up! Lol

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