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                // This is a remake of
// Coded by ScieCode in P5js - based on Hyper Glu's "Going to Quasar"

// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
// The roughly-equivilant ZIM version is 42% the size of the P5js code
// The approach was different - ScieCode's code is lovely and lower level
// With ZIM we can cheat a little... saving 58% and perhaps more readable?
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

// ZIM is a JavaScript Canvas Framework for coding creativity!
// - please visit to start a wonderful coding journey.
// The main site has banner sections of TEN excellent uses of ZIM.

// ZIM provides many conveniences, components and controls 
// to help designers, developers and artists create interactive media 
// - why ZIM, features, applications
// - expand open any feature for info and examples

// Here are CodePen examples with comments for learning:
// - ZIM CodePen
// - ZIM Founder's CodePen

// There are also many tutorials, videos and references here:
// - ZIM Skool, ZIM Kids, ZIM Badges, etc.
// - ZIM Template, tools and more
// - come join us on Slack for discussion and support

// -----------------

// ZIM is powered by CreateJS so we import CreateJS and ZIM in CodePen settings
// We make a Frame object which makes a stage on an HTML canvas 
// We then add objects to the stage and update the stage to see them 
const scaling = "fit"; // this will resize to fit inside the screen dimensions
const width = 1024;
const height = 768;
const radius = 350;
const color = "#140c25";
const outerColor = "#140c25";

// we apply an alpha blendMode to the rings
// but do not want to apply the blendMode to the backing circle gradient
// so put the backing in a separate frame with its own canvas
const backing = new Frame(scaling, width, height, color, outerColor);
backing.on("ready", function() {
    var c = new Circle(radius).center().alp(.95);
    c.radialGradient([orange,"yellow","#1dada4","#140c35"],[0,.4,.7, 1], 0,0,0, 0,0,radius)
    backing.stage.update(); // to update the stage of the backing

const frame = new Frame(scaling, width, height);
frame.on("ready", function() {
    zog("ready from ZIM Frame"); // logs in console (F12 - choose console)

    let stage = frame.stage;
    let stageW = frame.width;
    let stageH = frame.height;

    // addTo(), center(), centerReg(), loc(), pos(), Ticker.add()
    // default to the stage of the first frame made
    // this will set the default stage to this frame
    zimDefaultFrame = frame;
    // frame.setDefault();

    const num = 4; // how many spinning shapes with rings
    const size = 3; // width of each ring
    const spacing = size*(num-1); // eg. four sets will each have three widths between rings

    // two vortexes are overlayed on each other
    // one has a blendmode that matches the color of a foil
    // the other applies white rings with a low alpha (.2)
    function vortex(num, alpha) {
        let r = radius+spacing*num*2; // with spacing, rings end up larger than radius - could fix, but like
        loop(num, k=>{
            let shape = new Shape(-r, -r, r*2, r*2).center().animate({
                props:{rotation:360*(k%2==0?1:-1)}, // spin oposite ways
            // make the number of rings and spacings to fit within radius
            loop(radius/(size+spacing), (i,t)=>{ // i is loop num, t is total loops
                // prepare for making arcs on rings
                // let there be 3-8 arcs and then a spacing for each
                let tot = rand(3,8)*2; // even
                // to divide these randomly, roll random numbers
                // then add them up and divide by total
                // apply the ratios to 360 degrees
                let divisors = [];
                loop(tot, j=>{divisors.push(rand());});
                let amount = divisors.reduce((a,b)=>a+b,0);
                divisors =>x/amount*360);
                // pic a random starting angle
                let start = rand(360);
                let last = start;
                // add arcs on ring at radius rr and angle last to last+next divisor angle
                // prefered the arcs to be generally longer than space between so multiplied by 1.5
                // could have divided the spacing arc by 1.5 but liked it better without doing that
                loop(divisors, (d,j)=>{
                    // tweak the arcs to not show white arcs at outer edges
                    // and not show blendmode arcs at inner edges
                    if ((num!=2 || (i<t-2)) && (num!=4 || (i>3))) {
                        // calculate radius of ring
                        let rr = spacing*k + i*(size+spacing);
                        if (j%2==0) { // alternate making arcs and leaving spaces
									 // want to make the white dots brighter so drop the opacity of arc
                            makeArc(shape, num==2?"rgba(255,255,255,.5)":white, rr, last, last+d*1.5);
                        } else {
                            // add a white dot roughly between the arcs
                            // at the angle and radius (cos and sin the angle for x and y)
                            // end stroke before starting and end fill afterwards
                            let angle = last+d/2;
                    last = last + d; // add the divisor to the last total (ring or no ring)
            shape.cache().alp(alpha); // cache the ring for performance and set alpha

    function makeArc(shape, color, radius, startAngle, endAngle) {, "round").a(0,0,radius,startAngle*Math.PI/180,endAngle*Math.PI/180);

    vortex(num, 1); // make a vortex with full alpha to get blendmode below

    // this will turn the white rings to the colors here
    // note, this gradient is slightly off the underneath backing
    // this makes the colors just a touch off
    var foil = new Circle(radius).center();
    foil.radialGradient([orange,"yellow","#1dada4","#140c35"],[.1,.3,.8,.9], 0,0,0, 0,0,radius)
    foil.blendMode = "source-in";

    vortex(num/2, .3); // make a vortex of white at an alpha of .2

    // add the planet and moon
    // to rotate a planet, set a large registration point and rotate
    const planet = new Circle(50).center().reg(-radius*.6).animate({
    planet.radialGradient(["#538a75","#19314d"],[0,.5], 35,0,85, 0,0,0)

    // set a large registration point of the moon container and add it to the planet
    // then rotate the moon container
    const moon = new Container(40,40).centerReg(planet).reg(planet.radius*2).animate({

    // create a moonBody for inside the moon container
    // we will later rotate the moon body to face the vortex (see Ticker)
    const moonBody = new Circle(20,null,yellow).center(moon);
    moonBody.radialGradient(["yellow",orange],[0,.5], 20,0,35, 0,0,0);

    // make the bright side of the moon face the center of the vortex
    // find the angle between the moonBody and the center of the vortex
    // to do this locate the point inside the coordinate space of the moon
    // that matches the center of the vortex which is at the center of the global stage
    // Use the moonBody x and y and the point to calculate the angle with the atan2
        let point = moon.globalToLocal(stageW/2, stageH/2);
        let angle = Math.atan2(moonBody.y-point.y, moonBody.x-point.x)*180/Math.PI
	// call remote script to make ZIM Foundation for Creative Coding icon and a greet link
	const greet = createGreet();
	timeout(3000, ()=>{


}); // end of ready