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                const frame = new Frame("fit", 1024, 768, "#EEE", "#555");
frame.on("ready", ()=>{ // ES6 Arrow Function - similar to function(){}
    zog("ready from ZIM Frame"); // logs in console (F12 - choose console)

    // often need below - so consider it part of the template
    let stage = frame.stage;
    let stageW = frame.width;
    let stageH = frame.height;

    // REFERENCES for ZIM at
    // see for video and code tutorials
    // see for documentation
    // see for INTRO to ZIM
    // see for INTRO to CODE

    // CODE HERE
	// The app is to let users drag letters to spell out words and sentences 
	// there are three regions 
	// the left region has letters the user can always drag 
	// the center has letters that can be dragged if two people are here at the same time 
	// the right has letters that can be dragged if three people are here at the same time
    // This encourages people to invite friends - and unlock letters as a reward
	// we have a save button and the stage color does not count as a color
    // so add in a background color
    new Rectangle(stageW, stageH, light).addTo();
	// we will use ZIM Socket for multiuser
	// it takes a second or two to connect so show a Waiter
	const waiter = new Waiter({corner:5}).show();    
	// zimSocketURL is a dynamic link to the ZIM Socket server in case it changes location 
	// it is stored in one of the js files we have imported
	// then we pass in the id that we set up at
    const socket = new Socket(zimSocketURL, "unlocklet");    
    socket.on("ready", () => {        
        new Label({text:"U N L O C K L E T", size:24}).pos(40,20)
        new Label({text:"play  with  people  to  gain  unlock  powers", size:16}).alp(.6).loc(250, 27);
		// set up the backing rectangles
        const spacing = 20;
        const left =   new Rectangle(stageW/2-2*spacing, stageH*.90, null, null, null, 10).alp(.2).pos(spacing,spacing,LEFT,BOTTOM);
        const center = new Rectangle(stageW/4, stageH*.90, null, null, null, 10).alp(.2).pos(stageW/2,spacing,LEFT,BOTTOM);
        const right =  new Rectangle(stageW/4-2*spacing, stageH*.90, null, null, null, 10).alp(.2).pos(spacing,spacing,RIGHT,BOTTOM);
        left.dragRect = left;
        left.letters = [];
        left.backColor = green;
        center.dragRect = new Rectangle(left.width+spacing+center.width, left.height, clear).loc(left).bot();
        center.letters = [];
        center.backColor = orange;
        right.dragRect = new Rectangle(left.width+spacing*2+center.width+right.width, left.height, clear).loc(left).bot();
        right.letters = [];
        right.backColor = pink;
		// make the locks to show the region is or is not locked 
		// these will be turned on if needed way down below in the code
		// at the start we set their visible to false
		const lock = right.lock = new Container(70,70)
        new Rectangle(70,70,"#888",null,null,15).addTo(lock);,-150).addTo(stage);
        new Rectangle(lock.width*.6, lock.height*.6, clear, "#888", 12, 10).center(lock).mov(0,-45);
        center.lock = lock.clone(true).center(center).mov(0,-150).addTo(stage);
        right.lock.visible = center.lock.visible = false;
		// we will store the letters in an array that does not change its order 
		// and show them in a Container where the layer order does change
		// due to when the user drags, the dragged letter comes to the top of its container
        const lettersArray = [];
        const letters = new Container(stageW, stageH).addTo();

		// a custom Letter class
        const size = 40;        
        class Letter extends Container {
            constructor (letter="A", frontColor=lighter, backColor=dark, size=40) {
                super(size+2,size+2); // must call the super constructor (Container)
                this.mouseChildren = false; // treat the letter as a unit
                const backing = new Rectangle(size+2,size+2,frontColor,null,null,5).addTo(this);
                new Rectangle(size-2,size-2,backColor,null,null,4).center(this);
				// could have built this with borderColor and borderWidth 
				// but CreateJS has a glitch in the shadow that adds a shadow to the border (sigh)
				// so made a separate backing that can receive a shadow to avoid this
                this.label = new Label({
                const that = this;
                this.on("mousedown", ()=>{
                this.on("pressup", ()=>{
            get letter() {
                return this.label.text;
            set letter(s) {
                this.label.text = s;
                if (this.stage) this.stage.update();

        // based on Scrabble - grabbed this from the Internet...
        // let allLetters = "A-9, B-2, C-2, D-4, E-12, F-2, G-3, H-2, I-9, J-1, K-1, L-4, M-2, N-6, O-8, P-2, Q-1, R-6, S-4, T-6, U-4, V-2, W-2, X-1, Y-2, Z-1"
        // just a little too many letters... so we have reduced a few
        // also wanted to include , and - as letters so had to switch the delimeters to ^ and ~
        let allLetters = "A~7^ B~2^ C~2^ D~3^ E~8^ F~2^ G~3^ H~2^ I~6^ J~1^ K~1^ L~4^ M~2^ N~6^ O~6^ P~2^ Q~1^ R~4^ S~4^ T~4^ U~4^ V~2^ W~2^ X~1^ Y~2^ Z~1^ .~2^ ,~2^ !~1^ -~2^ ?~1"
        // Here is how we devide the letters - again, based on Scrabble points
        let leftLetters = "AEIOULNSTR.!";
        let centerLetters = "DGBCMPFHVWY,-";
        let rightLetters = "KJXQZ?";
        allLetters = allLetters.replace(/ /g,"");
        const sets = allLetters.split("^");
		// create letters for each box
		// and store in letters array on each box
        loop(sets, set=>{
            let [letter,num] = set.split("~");        
            let box = null;                
            if (leftLetters.indexOf(letter) >= 0) box = left;
            else if (centerLetters.indexOf(letter) >= 0) box = center;
            else box = right;        
            loop(Number(num), ()=>{
                box.letters.push(new Letter(letter, darker, box.backColor));
		// create a temporary Tile of letters for each box using the box letters array
		// we will store a num property on each letter as well
		// to help identify the letter index in the lettersArray when we drag a letter
        const startSpacing = 8;
        let count = 0;
        loop([left,center,right], box=>{
            let cols = Math.round(box.width*.64/size);
            let tile = new Tile({
            // we do not want the letters in their own tile 
            // so we will transfer all the letters to letters container
                // transferring with addTo() will automaticlly keep location
                // adjusting the x and y props to handle different coordinate systems
                letter.num = count++; // assigns then increases - so starts at 0
                letter.on("mousedown", sendData);
                letter.on("pressmove", sendData);
            },true); // loop backwards when removing while looping
            tile.dispose(); // do not need the tile
        // There is a letters Container holding all the letters 
        // There is a lettersArray holding all the letters 
        // The letters have been dragged (with the default onTop:true)
        // which changes the letter layer in the letters container
        // To recreate the letter layers use the socket.getLatestTime(letter) 
        // Store the time and index of all letters that have changed in an array
        // Sort the array from smallest time to biggest time 
        // then loop through the array and set the letter 
        // in the lettersArray at the index to the top() 
        // NOTE - we must use the lettersArray - not the letters
        // The socket values for letter properties are on format: {l_0:[x,y,level]}
        // The level property is only useful as the letter is being dragged 
        // it may become out of date as other letters are dragged 
        // So when recreating the layer levels, we cannot rely on the level 
        // Instead, we will rely on the time that the letter was last moved
        let order = [];
        loop(lettersArray, (letter,i)=>{
            let d = socket.getLatestValue("l_"+i);
            if (d) {
                let t = socket.getLatestTime("l_"+i);
                letter.loc(d[0], d[1], letters);
                order.push({t, i});
        order.sort((a, b) => (a.t > b.t) ? 1 : -1); // smallest to biggest
        loop(order, data=>{
        // need to keep data for every letter so can make current state when someone arrives 
        // could store in history, but may as well keep individual letter data
        // so these are kept as l_0, l_43, etc.
        // the number matches the index number in the lettersArray 
        // We can't use the letters level index because this changes 
        // when drag brings the letter to the top
        function sendData(e) {
            let letter =;
            let obj = {};
            obj["l_"+letter.num] = [letter.x, letter.y, letter.level];
        socket.on("data", data=>{
            loop(data, (p,d)=>{
                let [g,n] = p.split("l_"); // grab the number
                if (n >= 0) {
                    // set the x, y and layer
                    lettersArray[n].loc(d[0], d[1], letters, d[2]);
        // this controls whether we are allowed to drag the letters 
        // which depends on how many people are live at the moment
        function setDrag(first) {
            timeout(.1, () => {
                numPlayers = socket.getProperties("id").length+1;
                if (first && numPlayers==1) {
                    new Label({text:"W R I T E", size:70, bold:true})
                loop([left,center,right], box=>{
                    loop(box.letters, letter=>{                    
                        if (box == center) {
                            if (numPlayers < 2) {
                                letter.mouseEnabled = false;
                                box.lock.visible = true;
                            } else {
                                letter.mouseEnabled = true;
                                box.lock.visible = false;
                        } else if (box == right) {
                            if (numPlayers < 3) {
                                letter.mouseEnabled = false;
                                box.lock.visible = true;
                            } else {
                                letter.mouseEnabled = true;
                                box.lock.visible = false;
        socket.on("otherjoin", setDrag);
        socket.on("otherleave", setDrag);
		// Handle saving the image                
        const loader = new Loader();
        const save = new Button({
        }).sca(.5).pos(75,15,RIGHT).tap(() => {
            save.removeFrom(); // hide the save button from capture
            // could only capture letters container...
  , "unlocket_"+rand(999));
            save.addTo(); // bring back the save button
		// make a custom footer - you will not need this normally - just use frame.madeWith()
		// call remote script to make ZIM Foundation for Creative Coding icon
		const icon = frame.makeIcon(lighter,faint,[lighter,lighter,lighter,lighter,lighter]).alp(.8).centerReg({add:false});
        stage.update(); // this is needed to show any changes
    }); // end socket ready

}); // end of ready