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              div, div::before, div::after {
  position: relative;
  box-sizing: border-box;

div {
  --color1: hsl(196, 50%, 50%);
  --color1alt: hsl(196, 50%, 30%);
  --color2: hsl(356, 70%, 50%);
  --color3alt: hsl(43, 80%, 50%);
  --height: 40vmin;
  --bellow-width: 50vmin;
  /* Default Button Radius */
  --button-dim: 1.4vmin;
  /*Default Button Radial Gradient/Shape */
  --button: radial-gradient(circle, var(--color1) var(--button-dim), transparent var(--button-dim));
  /* Since I want to animate a few buttons, set up specific button definitions: for 1, 4, 7, and 8. This will allow us to animate them individually later */
  --button1: radial-gradient(circle, var(--button1-color, var(--color1)) var(--button1-dim, var(--button-dim)), transparent var(--button1-dim, var(--button-dim)));
  --button4: radial-gradient(circle, var(--button4-color, var(--color1)) var(--button4-dim, var(--button-dim)), transparent var(--button4-dim, var(--button-dim)));
  --button7: radial-gradient(circle, var(--button7-color, var(--color1)) var(--button7-dim, var(--button-dim)), transparent var(--button7-dim, var(--button-dim)));
  --button8: radial-gradient(circle, var(--button8-color, var(--color1)) var(--button8-dim, var(--button-dim)), transparent var(--button8-dim, var(--button-dim)));
  /* Default Background Position */
  --button-x: -3vmin;
  --button-y: -16vmin;
  /* Override Default positions to give each button a unique position that is staggered */
  --button2-x: 2vmin; --button2-y: -12vmin;
  --button3-y: -8vmin;
  --button4-x: 2vmin; --button4-y: -4vmin;
  --button5-y: 0vmin;
  --button6-x: 2vmin; --button6-y: 4vmin;
  --button7-y: 8vmin;
  --button8-x: 2vmin; --button8-y: 12vmin;
  --button9-y: 16vmin;
  /* Red lines at top and bottom */
  --shine-horizontal: linear-gradient(to right, transparent 9.5%, var(--color2) 41.5%, var(--color2) 58.5%, transparent 86.5%);

/* button side of accordion */
div::after {
  height: calc(var(--height) + 7.5vmin);
  width: calc(var(--bellow-width) * .30);
  top: 0;
  bototm: 0;
  border-radius: 1vmin 4vmin 4vmin 1vmin; 
  /* Layered backgrounds, first is topmost background.
  For the buttons, use the specific ones if defined (1,4,7,8) otherwise use default definition. Only reason we give a specific one is to modify values later (in JS). */
    var(--button1, var(--button)), 
    var(--button2, var(--button)),
    var(--button3, var(--button)),
    var(--button4, var(--button)),
    var(--button5, var(--button)),
    var(--button6, var(--button)),
    var(--button7, var(--button)),
    var(--button8, var(--button)),
    var(--button9, var(--button)),
    /* The base of the right accordion side */
    linear-gradient(var(--color3alt), var(--color3alt));
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  /* Structured to use button*-x if defined, otherwise use the default assigned to button-x. Same for y */
    1.5vmin 8%,
    1.5vmin 92%,
    var(--button1-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button1-y, var(--button-y)),
    var(--button2-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button2-y, var(--button-y)),
    var(--button3-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button3-y, var(--button-y)),
    var(--button4-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button4-y, var(--button-y)),
    var(--button5-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button5-y, var(--button-y)),
    var(--button6-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button6-y, var(--button-y)),
    var(--button7-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button7-y, var(--button-y)),
    var(--button8-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button8-y, var(--button-y)),
    var(--button9-x, var(--button-x)) var(--button9-y, var(--button-y)),
    center center;
  --default-size: 100%;
    80% 2px,
    80% 2px,
  box-shadow: inset -1vmin 0px 0px 1vmin rgba(235,235,239,.2);

div::before, div::after {
  content: '';
  position: absolute;
div {
  height: var(--height);
body {
  display: flex;
  justify-content: center;
  align-items: center;
  height: 100vh;
  overflow: hidden;
  background: hsl(33, 80%, 9%);

              var div = document.querySelector('div');
var buttons = {};
const newDim = '1.2vmin';

function startIntervals() {
  setInterval(() => { pressButton(1) }, 900);
  setInterval(() => { pressButton(4) }, 1200);
  setInterval(() => { pressButton(7) }, 1600);
  setInterval(() => { pressButton(8) }, 1700);

function pressButton(index) {
  requestAnimationFrame(function() {
    var enabled = !!buttons[index]; 
    div.style.setProperty('--button'+index+'-dim', enabled ? newDim : 'var(--button-dim)');
    div.style.setProperty('--button'+index+'-color', enabled ? 'var(--color1alt)' : 'var(--color1)');
    buttons[index] = !enabled;

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