What is 9VAe ?

  • Unique 2D animation free software which can export SVG and GIF animation.
  • Based on 2D keyframe animation such as Synfig Studio.
  • Lightweight and stable. It can work well even on RaspberryPi .

You can download 9VAe from the links as follows;

Download (Click Untitled.png in the following links) Download from Vector how to
9va-win (Windows) 9va-win (Vector) windows
9va-mac64 (macOS 10.10-)
9va-mac (Old Ver.10.4-10.9 is here)
9va-mac (Softnic) mac
9va-pi (Raspberry Pi) 9va-pi (Vector) pi
9va-pi (Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Xtra-PC (LinuxX86-32bit)) linux
9va-kids (Windows) Kids version)
  • If you can't run 9va-mac, check the Gatekeeper setting in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > "Allow applications downloaded from:".

9VAe can morph between different shapes

Motion tweening such as the start point, end point, size, rotation is popular. But it is hard to find the key-frame animation editor which can morph between different shapes correctly except Synfig Studio.

In the animation above, the yellow flash and red flames of machine gun animation is made from two key-frames. The time duration is set to one second. This animation was exported by a tempo of 10 frames per second. So, 10 frames were made to express the machine gun's fire.

The following animation shows machine gun's fire. Two pictures on the left side are key-frames.

machine gun's fire 320-10

The key-frame duration of the center animation is set to one second. The eight interpolated piļ½ƒtures were exported to show yellow flash morphing to the red fire.

The key-frame duration of the right animation is set to 0.2 second. In this case the yellow flash and the red fire are exchanged five times in one second.

Exporting animated GIF in low frame rate

Now, think about exporting animated GIF in low frame rate.

What happens to the right animation above when the frame rate is set to five frames per one second (the time duration of the frame will be the same as the time duration between key-frames). The yellow flash will be changed to the red fire in 0.2 second. After that the red fire will return to the yellow flash. So, all the exported frames of the right animation will be the yellow flash. You will see the fixed yellow flash.

To avoid that, 9VAe shifts the time alternatively when you export low frame rate animated GIFs. The following animation shows the result(Five frames per second).

machine gun's fire 320-5

In the following animation the frame rate was set to three frames per second.

machine gun's fire 320-3

Vibration Effect

The vibration effect was added to the yellow flash and the red fire in the animation above. By adding this effect, you can express hand writing by using only one key frame as follows.

vibration effect

You can download this animation data (SVG SMIL) from Openclipart, if you want.

I hope you will enjoy making animation by using 2D key-frame animation free software '9VAe'.

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