What's 9VAe ?

9VAe is a powerful free software which can create 2D animation using vector graphics. Use of shape tweening eliminates the need to create animation frame-by frame. You can produce SVG / GIF / APNG animation.

Download (Click Untitled.png in the following links) Download from Vector how to
9va-win (Windows) 9va-win (Vector) windows
9va-mac64 (macOS 10.10-)
9va-mac (Old Ver.10.4-10.9 is here)
9va-mac (Softnic) mac
9va-pi (Raspberry Pi) 9va-pi (Vector) pi
9va-pi (Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Xtra-PC (LinuxX86-32bit)) linux
9VAe (Android) Android
9va-kids (Windows) Kids version)

What is Openclipart ?

  • Openclipart is a site of over 100,000 free cliparts.
  • Stored in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, their cliparts can be resized without losing image quality.
  • 9VAe can import SVG from Openclipart and make Animated GIF/SVG as following examples.
  • Click on the link below the examples to see the SVG animation. (However, you will see the still image in the browser IE or Edge which does not support SVG SMIL.)

Animation of Banshee elven archer


See SVG. Keyframe count: eyes 2, body 2, bow and right hand 1

Rocket blue and red


See SVG. Keyframe count: rocket 2, fire 2

Skeleton 3


See SVG. Keyframe count: head 2, right foot 1, left foot 1, hands 1, blue head 2, body 2



See SVG. Keyframe count: 2

Teacher with Chalk


See SVG. Keyframe count: 5

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