This tutorial is a continuation of the tutorial " 9VAe Beginner Tutorial 1". This tutorial shows how to create an ' AnimeCast'.


Make AnimeCast and Rotate


This tutorial is a continuation. It's easy to get started with " 9VAe Beginner Tutorial 1".

Now, let's make the red and blue circles rotating animation.

The steps we'll take are:

  1. Add the third page.
  2. Cut the red and blue circles to Clip Tool.
  3. Make AnimeCast.
  4. Add the fourth page.
  5. Rotate AnimeCast 360 degree.
  6. Click Play button to see the animation.
  7. Change the time duration of the pages.
  8. Click Play button to see the animation.

1. Add the third page


  1. Click [+] button (A) on the right side of the last page in the Page Bar.
  2. Click 'Add Next Page' on the menu. Now the second page will be copied to the third page .

2. Cut circles to Clip memory

  1. Click the red circle (B) to select it.
  2. Holding down the Shift key click the blue circle (C) to select it. > Now the red and blue circle will be selected together. Selection frame will appear around selected objects .
  3. Click [x] button of the Clip memory (D). Now the red and blue circles will be removed and put into the Clip memory.

3. Make AnimeCast.

  1. Click [9] button (E). > Now the window will be appear to input the AnimeCast's name.
  2. Enter the Animecast's name “Red Blue” into the text field. > Click [OK]. Now the red and blue circles will appear. You can name AnimeCast freely.


After you make an AnimeCast, the bold text name will appear upper left of the stage(A). Click here to show the AnimeCast list.

4. Rotate AnimeCast

  1. Click the [+] button at the end of the page bar (B) > Click 'Add Next Page'. Now the fourth page will appear in the page bar.

  2. Click the AnimeCast(C) to select it. > Selection frame will appear.

  3. Click the center handle [+](D) of the selection frame. > AnimeCast menu will appear.

  4. Click 'Frame 0 degree(Clockwise)' > A dialog box for input 'Frame degree' will appear.

  5. Enter 360 and Click [OK] button.

  6. Click [Play] button (E). You will see red and blue circles rotating animation.

As you see the objects in AnimeCast can be rotate precisely.

5. Adjust time duration of the page


  1. Click the time duration of the second page(A). > Click '-1 second' to change the duration to 0 sec. Now the red and blue circles will start rotating immediately after they touch the sky blue circle.
  2. Click the time duration of the third page(B). > Click '+1 second' twice to change the duration to 3 sec. Now the red and blue circles will move arround the sky blue circle during 3 seconds.
  3. Click [Play] button (C) to see the animation.

Final Words

This article explained how to make AnimeCast. AnimeCast is very powerful function to make complex animation.

The next article '9VAe Beginner Tutorial 3' shows how to edit the objects inside AnimeCast.

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