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Komori's SVG loop animation is made with animation editor "9va-pi" (http://codepen.io/danjiro/post/9vae-introduction). If animation is broken, hit RERUN. Firefox is nice.


  1. seems to have a lot of rendering issues (chrome, OS X)

    • index problems
    • stuttering animation
    • irregular colors

    Still pretty nice though

  2. Thank you for reporting errors. I'm trying to develop exporting correct SVG animation. I think exporting color gradation has some bugs.

  3. I think SVG is correct.

    Hit RERUN button. The animation runs correctly at first , then it becomes wrong on repeating it.

    It might depend on the response when the number of the objects will exceed the browsers performance.

    Chrome seems to simply skip the visible and hide instructions. Then some objects remains while the animation is repeating.

    Firefox is nice.

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