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                <body style="background-color: #2f2f2f">
  <div class="jumbotron">
    <div class="container-fluid">
      <div class="row">
        <div class="col col-sm">
      <div class="col-9 rounded mx-auto border border-dark" style="background-color:white">
        <h1 class="text-center">Tribute to the Great <br> Mohammed Ali</h1>
        <img src="" class="rounded mx-auto d-block margin-bottom" alt="Mohammed Ali 1966">
        <div class='col col-sm'>
      <div class="row">
        <div class="col">
        <div class="col-8">
          <h4 class="text-center">A beautiful timeline of Muhammed Ali's Life:</h4>
            <li><strong>1942</strong> - January 17, Muhammad Ali was born on Janurary 17th in Louisville, Kentucky. His given name was Cassius Clay.</li>
            <li><strong>1954</strong> - Clay bike was stolen, when a policement by the name of Joe Martin interviewed Clay. Clay advised Mr. Martin he <br><text style="padding-left:3.2li {
  margin: 1em 0;
}em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">wanted to "whup" whoever has stolen his bike. Martin trained young boxers and started to train Clay.</text></li>
            <li><strong>1956</strong> - Clay wins the novice Golden Gloves Championship as a light heavyweight.</li>
            <li><strong>1959</strong> - Clay wins the the AAU light heavyweight title at the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions</li>
            <li><strong>1960</strong> - In September Clay won the light heavyweight gold medal at the Rome Olympics.<br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">
              - In October Clay wins his first professional bout with Tunney Hunsaker.</text></li>
            <li><strong>1963</strong> - In October Clay wins his first foreign professional bout with Henry Cooper in London before 55,000 fans.
            <li><strong>1964</strong> - February 25, Clay knocked out Sonny Liston. This defeat allowed him to become the heavyweight champion.<br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">- February 26, Clay joined the Nation of Islam.</text><br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - March 6, at the age of 22, Clay changed his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali.</text><br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - August 14, Ali married his first wife Sonji Roi.</text>
            <li><strong>1966</strong> - Ali is drafted and he files for conscientious objector status as a Muslim minister.
              <br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - Ali's marriage to Sonji Roi ended in divorce.</text>
<li><strong>1967</strong> - In April, the government denies Ali's filing for conscientious objector status and he was drafted into the Army.<br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">He attends the induction ceremony, but he refused to step forward.</text><br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - In June, Ali is found guilty of refusing induction
  into the Army. His passport is revoked.</text><br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - The boxing association takes back his boxing titles and bans him from boxing for three years.</text><br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - He married his second wife, Belinda Boyd. They would go on to have four children together.</text>
            <li><strong>1970</strong> - On October 26, Ali returns to fighting in Atlanta and wins over Jerry Quarry.</li>
            <li><strong>1971</strong> - In March, in a famous match called "The Fight of the Century," Joe Frazier knocked Ali down, but Ali got up.<br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">However, after 15 brutal rounds, it was still ruled that Frazier won.</text><br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - In June, the Supreme Court reverses its 1967 conviction and ruled that he was not guilty of evading the military,</text><br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> since he should not have been drafted in the first place due to his religious beliefs.</text></li>
            <li><strong>1974</strong> - January 28, he won over Joe Frazier.<br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - October 30, he defeated George Foreman and reclaimed the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World. This </text><br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">fight was a very famous fight event known as the "Rumble in the Jungle" since the fight was at a stadium in Zaire.</text></li>
            <li><strong>1975</strong> - October 1st, Ali beats Joe Frazier in Manila.</li>
            <li><strong>1976</strong> - September 28, Ali beats Ken Norton in Yankee Stadium in New York.</li>
            <li><strong>1977</strong> - Due to an affair with Veronica Porsche, his marriage to Boyd ended in divorce. He went on to marry Porsche and <br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">had two daughters together.</text></li> 
            <li><strong>1978</strong> - February 15, Ali lost the heavyweight title to Leon Spinks in a split decision.
September 15, Ali wins the <br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">heavyweight title back from Leon Spinks after a battle at the Superdome in New Orleans.<text></li>
            <li><strong>1980</strong> - Ali came back and fought with Harry Holmes. Ali lost the fight.</li>
            <li><strong>1981</strong> - December 12, once again, Ali came back and fought with Trevor Berbick. Ali lost the fight.<br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - December 13, at the age of 39, Ali announces his retirement from boxing.</text></li>
            <li><strong>1984</strong> - He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.</li>
            <li><strong>1986</strong> - Ali and Porsche got a divorce, and Ali married Yolanda Ali. They adopted a son together</li>
            <li><strong>1996</strong> - Ali lit the Olympic flame in Atlanta, Georgia.</li>
            <li><strong>1997</strong> - He received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.<br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - His picture is placed on the front of the Wheaties cereal box.</text><br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - He is named Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated.</text></li>
            <li><strong>2005</strong> - He is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest U.S. civilian honor.<br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - Muhammad Ali left the public eye but continued to provide humanitarian support as well as support to the</text><br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institutes as well as other charities.</text></li>
            <li><strong>2016</strong> - Muhammad Ali died on June 3, 2016 as the result of septic shock due to unspecified natural causes. He was 74</text><br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">years old.<br><text style="padding-left:2.500714em; text-indent: -1.28571429em"> - He was buried in Louisville, Kentucky. He planned his own funeral which included eulogies from former President</text><br><text style="padding-left:3.2em; text-indent: -1.28571429em">Bill Clinton, sportscaster Bryant Gumbel and comedian and close friend Billy Crystal.</text></li>
        <div class="col"></div>
    <div class="fluid-container"> 
      <p class="text-center" style="color: white">Written and Coded by <a href="" target="_blank">Damir Drljaca</a> purely with HTML and Bootstrap. Thank you to <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>


                li {
  margin: 1em 0;