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Simple color picking web app.


  1. Cheers mate! It's wonderful! I highly recommend looking into something like Phonegap to wrap this neat little app up in a native wrapper for iOS. I'd forsure drop a few bucks on this if it were in the app store!

  2. This is good!!!!

  3. I'd love to know how you made the text color change.

  4. Thanks guys!

    @alucard11 I'll have to look into that! I've turned it into a web app off my personal website that makes it look and feel just like a real app, although the sliding for some reason gets really bogged down...

    @elansz The text color change is just a conditional statement based off the up and down of the Lightness. If Lightness is >= 50 it turns black, and if it is <= 50 it turns white.

  5. very nice! Well done mate, really good work!

  6. @daless14

    Don't hesitate to reach out for help! :D

  7. Oh my god! cool and useful!

  8. Really nice pen ! A nice way to use HSL Color.

  9. Perfect!! (:

  10. This is pretty awesome, I think I might use this as a tool to find experimental color palettes! An iOS + Android app of this would be pretty cool as well! ;)

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