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                <div class="ui-newsticker">
  <ul class="ui-newsticker-list">
    <li class="ui-newsticker-item">
      That open was light. After also shall first rule third every place spirit light. Beginning together their hath, winged firmament.
    <li class="ui-newsticker-item">
      That creature his bring waters female morning place Give bearing in isn't from. Without his fowl void bearing. Blessed give.
    <li class="ui-newsticker-item">
      And also. Firmament and Give. Sea replenish gathered give in for whose tree their a said multiply abundantly give years.


                body {
  padding: 15px;

@mixin ui-newsticker-mixin($namespace: ui) {
	$background-color: #bbb;
	$background-hover-color: #ddd;
	$radius: 5px;
	$font-color: #402726;
	$font-family: verdana;
	$font-size: 13px;
	$top: 8px;
	$height: 30px;
	$interval: 10px;

	.#{$namespace}-newsticker {
		@include rounded-box;
		background: $background-color;
		color: $font-color;
		cursor: default;
		font-family: $font-family;
		font-weight: bold;
		font-size: $font-size;
		line-height: $font-size*1.2;
		padding: 0 $interval 0 $interval;
		height: $height;
		position: relative;
		overflow: hidden;
			background: $background-hover-color;
		position: absolute;
		top: $top;
		height: $height;
		overflow: hidden;
	.#{$namespace}-newsticker-item {
		height: $height;
		overflow: hidden;
		white-space: nowrap;

@mixin rounded-box($radious: 10px){
	border-radius: $radious;
	-webkit-border-radius: $radious;
	-moz-border-radius: $radious;

@include ui-newsticker-mixin(ui);


                (function($) {
  $.fn.newsticker = function(opts) {
    var $newsticker = $(this),
      $frame = $newsticker.find('.ui-newsticker-list'),
      $item = $frame.find('.ui-newsticker-item'),
      $next = {},
      startPos = 0,
      stop = false,
      config = $.extend({}, {
        height: 30,
        speed: 800,
        interval: 3000,
        move: null
      }, opts);

    function Newsticker(config) {
      this.config = config;
      this.init($newsticker, config.height);

    Newsticker.prototype = {
      calStartPos: function(height, lineHeight) { //calculate start position
        return (height - lineHeight) / 2;
      setStartPos: function(frame, pos) { //set start position
        frame.css('top', pos);
      suspend: function() { //suspend newsticker
        $newsticker.on('mouseover mouseout', function(e) {
          stop = e.type === 'mouseover' ? true : false;
      move: function() { //activate newsticker
        if ($.isFunction(config.move)) {
        } else {
          setInterval(function() {
            if (!stop) {
              var $current = $frame.find('.current');

                top: '-=' + config.height + 'px'
              }, config.speed, function() {
                $next = $frame.find('.current').next().addClass('current');
                $frame.css('top', startPos + 'px');
          }, config.interval);
      init: function(ticker, height) { //init settings
        var $ticker = $(ticker),
          $frame = $ticker.find('.ui-newsticker-list'),
          $firstItem = $frame.find('.ui-newsticker-item').eq(0),
          lineHeight = parseInt($ticker.css('lineHeight').split('px')[0]) || 15;

        $ticker.css('height', height); //set customized height
        startPos = this.calStartPos(height, lineHeight);
        this.setStartPos($frame, startPos);
        $firstItem.addClass('current'); //set start item
        this.suspend(); //trigger mouse event for suspending newsticker
        this.move(); //activate newsticker

    return new Newsticker(config);

$(function() {