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The default AR button is displayed when the current product and variation are linked to a 3d model and the AR behavior is supported by the mobile device. 

This example shows how to create a custom AR button, it uses the URL generated by the viewer instances to handle all AR logic outside the viewer core.

Please notice that the user interaction with custom AR buttons can not be controlled by the Viewer core because the new AR button is not linked with it. So, if events such as AR button loaded, AR button launched or AR button seen need to be tracked then should be handled by the client implementation.


    <h4 id="ar-status"></h4>
    <h4 id="ar-url"></h4>
    <a href='#' rel="ar" id="ar-link"><img />Link</a>
    <div id="viewer-elem"></div>


                #viewer-elem {
  width: 660px;
  height: 660px;
  margin: 100px 0px 0px 0px;
/*Hide Custom AR button until viewer is  initialized and usdz file is found*/
#ar-link {
  display: none;

/* Hide AR button from Viewer */
.cylindo-ar-button {
display: none!important;



                var viewerInstance = null;
var opts = {
  'productCode': 'EMMA_ARMCHAIR',
  'accountID': 4965,
  'features': ["LEGS", "METAL_LEGS", "UPHOLSTERY", "WHEAT"],
  'containerID': 'viewer-elem',
  'version': '2',

if (cylindo) {
  cylindo.on('ready', function () {
    viewerInstance = cylindo.viewer.create(opts);
    //AR Button ready event.
    viewerInstance.on(, function (evt, data) {
      $('#ar-status').html('AR button is ready, we will try to get the url now...');
      viewerInstance.getArQuickLookUrl(function (url) {
        $('#ar-url').html('AR ready, this is the URL: ' + url);
        // Show custom AR button and modify the URL attribute with the new one.
        $('#ar-link').attr('href', url);
    //AR Button error event.
    viewerInstance.on(, function (evt, data) {
      $('#ar-status').html('AR error found while trying to find the USDZ file...', evt, data);
      // Hide AR button and remove href attribute in case an error happened and USDZ file was not found.
      $('#ar-link').attr('href', '');
else {
  console.log("Cylindo viewer scripts not loaded!");

function changeFeature(features) {
  if (features) {
    var array = features.split(",");
    if (array) {
      if (viewerInstance) {
      else {
        console.log("No instance defined");
    else {
      console.write("empty array");
  else {
    console.write("features string is null");