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                <script type="text/javascript">
      // Get the HTML element where the id of the current variation displayed is stored.
      // each theme could have a different element with this information stored so this selector could change.
      // For Dawn theme the selector was not defined so we configured the selector to be: shopify-variant-id
      var productSelectEl = document.getElementById('shopify-variant-id');
      // cylindo viewer el and not cylindo viewer el
      var cylindoViewerWrapperEl = document.getElementById('cylindo-viewer-wrapper');
      var cylindoViewerEl = document.createElement('cylindo-viewer');
      // get the product metafileds
      var productData = {{ product.metafields.cylindo | json}};
      // get the features from the metafieds for each variation available on this product.
      var productVariants = [
        {% for variant in product.variants %}
          id: {{ }},
          features: {{ variant.metafields.cylindo.cylindo_features }},
        {% endfor %}
      // get the account id / it could be a static value.
      var customerID = 4965;
      // get the product code.
      var productCode = productData.cylindo_product_code;
      // prepare the viewer instance variable
      var viewerInstance = null;
      // this method gets the new features according to the new variant selected
      var getFeatures = function() {
        var variant = productVariants.find(function(el) {
          return == productSelectEl.value;
        return variant.features || [];
      // prepare the first set of features.
      var features = getFeatures();
      // declare options variable.
      var options;
	  // if we've all the information needed to create the viewer instance proceed
      if (customerID && productCode && features) {
        window.customElements.whenDefined('cylindo-viewer').then(() => {
          cylindoViewerEl['code'] = productCode;
          cylindoViewerEl['customer-id'] = customerID;
          cylindoViewerEl['features'] = features;
          // if cylindo is loaded create the viewer instance using the options object.
          productSelectEl.addEventListener('change', function() {
            features = getFeatures();
            // update the viewer
            cylindoViewerEl.features = features;
      } else {
         // if the information required to build the new instance is not present, then show the error and display the default viewer
         console.log('Missing information to create 360 viewer');