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                <div id="container" style="opacity:0;">

  <div id="game" class="fs">

    <div id="hintBtn">Hint</div>
    <div class="foundTxt"></div>
    <div class="timeTxt">30:00</div>
    <div class="timePlus">+3 sec</div>

    <div id="btnArea">
      <div id="b1" class="btn"></div>

    <div class="end">
      <div class="endTxt"></div>
      <div id="replayBtn">
        <svg xmlns="" width="240" height="240" viewBox="0 0 240 240">
                        <rect width="240" height="240" fill="none"/>
                        <path fill="#fff" d="M120,50V10L70,60l50,50V70c33.11,0,60,26.9,60,60c0,33.11-26.89,60-60,60c-33.1,0-60-26.89-60-60H40 c0,44.2,35.8,80,80,80s80-35.8,80-80S164.2,50,120,50z"/>




                html {
	-moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
  -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
  font-smoothing: antialiased;
  overflow-x: hidden;
  overflow-y: scroll;

div, img, svg, canvas, video, text {
	position: absolute;

body, #container {
	background: #000;
	font-family: 'Oswald', sans-serif;
	font-weight: 500;
	letter-spacing: -0.75px;


#container {
	max-width: 1024px;
	max-height: 960px;

.fs {


                var cw, ch, ratio = 0.546875,
    game = document.getElementById('game'),
		btnArea = document.getElementById('btnArea'),
		hintBtn = document.getElementById('hintBtn'),
		replayBtn = document.getElementById('replayBtn'),
		timeLimit = 30 *1000, // in millisec
    matched = false,
		art = ['😄','🤣','🙂','🙃','😉','😇','😍','🤥','😘','😚','😛','😜','😋','🤗','🤔','🤐','😶','🤑','😏','🙄','😳','😬','😴','🤕','🤠','🤧','😢','😵','😎','🤓','😡','🤢','😭','😫','😠'],
		found = 0;

// Make 16 btn <divs>
for (var i=1; i<=16; i++){ 
		var b;
		if (i==1) b = document.getElementById('b1');
		else {
			b = document.getElementById('b1').cloneNode(true); = 'b'+(i);
		b.onclick = b.ontouchend = btnClick;

// Initial states...
new TimelineMax({onStart:populate})
		.set(game, 			  {userSelect:'none', background:'radial-gradient(#333, #000 120%)'})
		.set('.btn',		  {width:90, height:90, borderRadius:'50%', border:'3px solid transparent', textAlign:'center', fontSize:72, lineHeight:'86px', cursor:'pointer'})
		.set(hintBtn,		  {right:30, bottom:30, width:75, fontSize:25, textAlign:'center', cursor:'pointer', autoAlpha:0})
		.set('.foundTxt',	{left:0, top:30, width:1024, fontSize:35, textAlign:'center', textContent:'Find the matching pair...', fontWeight:300, letterSpacing:0.25})
		.set('.timeTxt',	{left:30, top:20, fontSize:50})
		.set('.timePlus',	{left:58, top:75, fontSize:25, alpha:0})
		.set('.end',		  {width:'100%', height:'100%', background:'rgba(255,255,255,0.1)', autoAlpha:0})
		.set('.endTxt',		{textAlign:'center', top:257, width:1024, fontSize:25, fontWeight:300})
		.set(replayBtn,		{left:400, top:275, scale:0.6, transformOrigin:'120px 130px', cursor:'pointer'})
		.to('#container', 0.2, {alpha:1, ease:Power2.easeIn}, 0)

hintBtn.onclick = hintBtn.ontouchend = function(e){
		if (e.type=='touchend') hintBtn.onclick = undefined;
		TweenMax.set(hintBtn, {textContent:hint, fontSize:35})

function populate() {
		lastBtn = undefined;
    matched = false;
		msTilHint = 5000;
		TweenMax.set(hintBtn, {autoAlpha:0, textContent:"Hint?", fontSize:25});
		TweenMax.staggerFromTo('.btn', 0.3, {scale:0.2, alpha:0, rotation:1}, {rotation:0, alpha:1, scale:1, ease:Back.easeOut.config(4), stagger:{ grid:[4,4], from:"center", amount:0.2} });

		var btns = [];		

    for (var i=0; i<15; i++) makeNewNum();
		function makeNewNum(){
			var n = art[Math.ceil(rand(0, art.length-1))], valExists = false;
			for (var i=0; i<btns.length; i++) if (n==btns[i]) valExists = true;
			(valExists) ? makeNewNum() : btns.push(n);

		hint = btns[14]; //console.log(hint);
		for (var b=1; b<=16; b++) window['b'+b].textContent = btns[b-1];

function btnClick(e){
    if (e.type=='touchend') e.currentTarget.onclick = undefined; //remove click for touch devices
    if (matched) return; //prevent user from repeatedly clicking the matching pair
		if (timeInt==undefined) { //start timer upon first click
			timeLeft = timeLimit;
			timeInt = setInterval(updateTime, 10);

		var b = e.currentTarget;, 0.05, {scale:0.95, yoyo:true, repeat:1});
		if (lastBtn!=undefined && lastBtn!=b) {
			if (b.textContent==lastBtn.textContent) { //matched
        matched = true;
				new TimelineMax({onComplete:populate})
					.set('.foundTxt', {textContent:'Found: '+found, fontWeight:500}, 0)
					.to('.timePlus', 		  0.1, {alpha:1, yoyo:true, repeat:1, repeatDelay:0.4}, 0)
					.fromTo('.timePlus', 	0.3, {scale:0, rotation:0.1}, {scale:1, rotation:0}, 0)
					.to([b,lastBtn], 		  0.1, {border:'3px solid #08c04d'}, 0)
					.to(b, 		 			      0.3, {rotation:1, scale:0.8, ease:Back.easeIn.config(7), yoyo:true, repeat:1}, 0)
					.to(lastBtn, 			    0.3, {rotation:1, scale:0.8, ease:Back.easeIn.config(7), yoyo:true, repeat:1}, 0)
					.to('.btn',	 			    0.1, {border:'3px solid transparent'}, 0.5)					
      //not matched
			else, 0.1, {border:'3px solid transparent'});
		}, 0.1, {border:'3px solid #006da6'});

function updateTime(){
		if (timeLeft>0){
			var mil = Math.floor(timeLeft%1000/10);
			var sec = Math.floor(timeLeft/1000);
			if (mil<10) mil = "0"+mil;
			if (sec<10) sec = "0"+sec;
			var t = sec + ":" + mil;
			TweenMax.set('.timeTxt', {textContent:t});			
			(msTilHint<1) ?, 0.5, {autoAlpha:1}) : msTilHint-=10;
    else { // Game over			
			timeInt = undefined;
			if (found==0) TweenMax.set('.foundTxt', {textContent:'Found: 0', fontWeight:500});
			TweenMax.set('.endTxt', {textContent:hint+" Try again? "+hint, fontSize:35});
			new TimelineMax()
				.to('.timeTxt',			0.3, {autoAlpha:0}, 0)
				.to(hintBtn,			0.3, {autoAlpha:0}, 0)
				.to(btnArea,	 		0.3, {autoAlpha:0}, 0)
				.to('.btn',				0.1, {border:'3px solid transparent'}, 0.3)
				.fromTo('.foundTxt', 	0.4, {rotation:0.1}, {rotation:0, scale:2.5, y:130, ease:Power2.easeInOut}, 0.2)
				.to('.end', 	 		0.6, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Power2.easeInOut}, 0)
				.fromTo(replayBtn, 		1.0, {rotation:360, scale:0}, {scale:0.6, rotation:0, ease:Power1.easeInOut}, 0.5)

replayBtn.onclick = replayBtn.ontouchend = function(){
  new TimelineMax()			
			.to(replayBtn, 				0.5, {rotation:-180, scale:0, ease:Back.easeIn.config(3)}, 0)
			.fromTo('.foundTxt',		0.4, {rotation:0.1}, {rotation:0, scale:1, y:0, ease:Power1.easeInOut}, 0.4)
			.to('.end',					0.3, {autoAlpha:0}, 0.5)
			.to(['.timeTxt',btnArea], 	0.3, {autoAlpha:1}, 0.8)			
			.call(function(){ // Reset game...
				TweenMax.set('.foundTxt', {textContent:'Found: 0'});
				TweenMax.set('.timeTxt', {textContent:'30:00'});
				found = 0;
				lastBtn = hint = undefined;				
			}, null, null, 0.8)

// Browser resize
function doResize() {
  cw = container.clientWidth;
  ch = container.clientHeight;

  if (cw>1024){ cw=1024; ch=560; } //max stage dimensions
  TweenMax.set('.fs', {transformOrigin:'0 0', scale:(cw*ratio)/560});

  new TimelineMax()
			.set('#b1',  {left:320, top:100})
			.set('#b2',  {left:420, top:100})
			.set('#b3',  {left:520, top:100})
			.set('#b4',  {left:620, top:100})
			.set('#b5',  {left:320, top:200})
			.set('#b6',  {left:420, top:200})
			.set('#b7',  {left:520, top:200})
			.set('#b8',  {left:620, top:200})
			.set('#b9',  {left:320, top:300})
			.set('#b10', {left:420, top:300})
			.set('#b11', {left:520, top:300})
			.set('#b12', {left:620, top:300})
			.set('#b13', {left:320, top:400})
			.set('#b14', {left:420, top:400})
			.set('#b15', {left:520, top:400})
			.set('#b16', {left:620, top:400})
window.addEventListener("resize", doResize);

// Helper Functions
function shuffleArray(array) {
  for (var i = array.length - 1; i > 0; i--) {
    var j = Math.floor(Math.random() * (i + 1));
    var temp = array[i];
    array[i] = array[j];
    array[j] = temp;

function rand(min, max) {
  min = min || 0;
  max = max || 1;
  return min + (max-min)*Math.random();