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                n<script type="application/processing">

  AngularShape shape1;
AngularShape shape2;
AngularShape shape3; 
AngularShape shape4;
AngularShape shape5;

String l = "INSTRUCTIONS";
String m = "1) Press any key to activate the Vertex Compositor";
String n = "2) Tap any key again to create a new composition";
int framewidth =24;
int select;

color[] mypapers = {
color(179,209,185),      //warm green grey
color(170,158,151),      //warm pinkish grey med.
color(153,180,180),      //cool blue grey
color(0),                //black
color(103,100,78),       //dark warm grey 
color(255,218,149),      //light orange yellow
color(255),              //white
color(184,185,172),      //mousey khaki grey

String [] papercolourNames = {
"warm green grey",
"warm pinkish grey med.",
"cool blue grey",
"dark warm grey", 
"light orange yellow",
"mousey khaki grey"

void setup(){
  shape1 = new AngularShape(5,50);
  shape2 = new AngularShape(5,200);
  shape3 = new AngularShape(8,100);
  shape4 = new AngularShape(4,50);
  shape5 = new AngularShape(6,100);
  size (1040,800); //paper format
  textSize (20);
  textAlign (CENTER);
  text (m, width/2, height/2);
  text (n, width/2, height/2+30);
  text (l, width/2, height/2-30);

void draw(){ 
  if (keyPressed){
    select =  int(random(0, mypapers.length));
  //draw an optional guide grid to assist transferring the composition to paper manually
  //thin black lines for visibility over light areas
  stroke (0,60);
  strokeWeight (1);
  for (int i=1; i<4; i++){
  line(width/4*i, 0, width/4*i, height);
  line(0, height/4*i, width, height/4*i);
  //thin white lines for visibility over dark areas
  stroke (255,60);
  strokeWeight (1);
  for (int i=1; i<4; i++){
  line(width/4*i+1, 0+1, width/4*i+1, height+1);
  line(0+1, height/4*i+1, width+1, height/4*i+1);
  //white border to mimic the pastel paper format
  rect (0,0,width,framewidth);
  rect (0,0,framewidth,height);
  rect (width-framewidth,0,framewidth,height);
  rect (0,height-framewidth,width,framewidth);
  //Display the colours used in each compostition
  textSize (10);
  textAlign (CENTER);
  text("Colours used:     1. "+ (shape1.mycolourNames[])+
     "      2. "+ (shape2.mycolourNames[])+
     "      3. "+ (shape3.mycolourNames[])+
     "      4. "+ (shape4.mycolourNames[])+
     "      5. "+ (shape5.mycolourNames[])+
     "      6. On " + papercolourNames[select] + " paper.", width/2, 15);
  class AngularShape {

int [] opacity = {200, 100}; 
int spacing;
int sides;
int select;

color[] mycolours = {
//reds & violets
color(153,130,122),    //mars violet med chrom grey
color(118,47,53),      //deep madder lake med
color(216,68,147),     //red violet med
color(93,28,45),       //indian red dark
color(229,132,123),    //coral med
color(255,136,93),     //bright orange red (
color(206,152,181),    //bordeaux pink

color(25,64,55),        //bluish green dark
color(49,62,52),        //green grey dark
color(46,53,62),        //bluish grey dark
color(63,80,40),        //cinnebar green dark
color(43,98,67),        //permanent green dark
color(123,134,107),     //green grey med
color(135,247,173),     //peppermint green

color(78,41,20),        //burnt sienna dark (rd brown)
color(121,113,64),      //raw umber (khaki) dark
color(180,167,100),     //raw umber (khaki) light (replace)
color(131,123,64),      //yellow ochre (khaki) med (full) 
color(201,181,140),     //burnt umber light (pinkish khaki)(full))
color(232,165,101),     //gold ochre med orange (enough)
color(252,224,196),     //gold ochre light (enough)
color(227,187,101),     //yellow ochre saturated (enough) 
color(255,217,131),     //yellow ochre med (finished)
color(255,240,191),     //yellow ochre very light (enough)

//blues & turquise
color(60,131,131),      //turquise blue dark
color(201,241,252),     //ultramarine v light
color(152,232,215),     //light turquoise
color(147,212,234),     //phtalo blue light
color(40,103,124),      //phtalo blue dark  
color(65,176,160),       //turquoise med
color(139,146,255),      //ultramarine med
color(9,53,90),          //prussian dk
color(223,224,213),      //mouse grey lt

String [] mycolourNames = {
//reds & violets
"Mars violet med chrom grey",
"Deep madder lake med",
"Red violet med",
"Indian red dark",
"Coral med",
"Bright orange red (",
"Bordeaux pink",

//greens & blues
"Bluish green dark",
"Green grey dark",
"Bluish grey dark",
"Cinnebar green dark",
"Permanent green dark",
"Green grey med",
"Peppermint green",

"Burnt sienna dk (rd brown)",
"Raw umber(khaki) dk",
"Raw umber(khaki) lt",
"Yellow ochre (khaki) med", 
"Burnt umber lt (pinksh khaki)",
"Gold ochre med orange",
"Gold ochre lt",
"Yellow ochre v.saturated", 
"Yellow ochre med",
"Yellow ochre",

"Turquise blue dark",
"Ultramarine v. lt",
"Turquoise v. lt",
"Phtalo blue lt",
"Phtalo blue dk",  
"Turquoise med",
"Ultramarine med",
"Prussian dk",
"Mouse grey v. lt",

AngularShape (int var1, int var2) {
  sides = var1;
  spacing = var2;

void display(){ 
  int myopacity = opacity[(int)random(opacity.length)];
  select =  int(random(0, mycolours.length));
  for (int s=1; s< sides; s++){
    vertex ((random (0-spacing,width+spacing)),(random (0-spacing,height+spacing)));

<canvas> </canvas>