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                ### Interaction

<form action="">
  <input name="type" type="hidden" value="manageBuyOffer">
    <input name="network" value="test" readonly>
    <input name="buying" value="GILS:gils*" readonly>
    <input name="price" value="20" readonly>
    <input name="buyAmount" type="number" min="0" step="1" required>
    <input id="submit" type="submit" value="Submit">


### Description

This pen shows how to make an HTML-only widget that buys a token on the distributed exchange. It uses the CosmicLink protocol.

### Concepts

- [Distributed Exchange]( The decentralized currency exchange embedded into the Stellar protocol.
- [CosmicLink]( A protocol that encodes Stellar transactions into URIs.
- [GILS]( An asset that rewards people who solve Pen of the Week challenges.

### Keypoints

- The CosmicLink protocol has initially been designed for this exact purpose.
- `GILS:gils*` means the asset `GILS` emitted by the account `gils*`.
- You can validate the transaction on testnet by clicking on "Submit" => "Go to Stellar Authenticator" => "Guest Mode" => "Sign & Send".
- For the transaction to succeed, you'll need to [open a trustline]( first.

### Challenges

- **easy/** Edit this pen to let the user select a network and an asset among a predefined list. Let her pick the price as well.
- **hard/** Add buy-sell radio buttons to let the user choose the trade direction. Make sure to update #price when switching. You'll need to use JavaScript.

_Give it a try by editing the code, and be the first to post a solution on GalacticTalk!_

### Documentation

- [CosmicLink Specifications](
- [List of Operations](
- [Stellar Laboratory account viewer](

### Social

- [Discuss that pen on GalacticTalk](




                // Helpers for the hard challenge
const $ = document.querySelector.bind(document)