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                ### Interaction

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

    <select id="network">
      <option value="test" selected>Test</option>
      <option value="public">Public</option>
    <input id="memo" type="text" placeholder="28 chars max.">
    <input id="destination" type="text" placeholder="Pubkey / Federated address">
    <input id="amount" type="number" min="0" placeholder="Amount">
    <input id="submit" type="button" value="Open signing frame">
    <pre id="error"></pre>


### Description

This pen makes use of `cosmic-lib` to create a transfer request that you can sign with your wallet.

### Keypoints

- The payment request accepts a number of optional parameters, such as `memo`, `callback`, `source`, and `asset`.
- **#memo** accepts those type prefixes: `text:`, `base64:`, `id:`, `hash:` & `return:`.
- `asset` syntax is `{code}:{issuer}`, where issuer can be a federated address.
- It is possible to use a custom network by setting `network` to its passphrase and `horizon` to its horizon URL.
- `` can be set to any compatible service, such as _https://stellar-authenticator.org_ or _
- `` optionally accepts a **target** argument: `"frame"`, `"tab"`, `"current"`, or `"sep7"`.

### Challenges

- `[Easy]` Add a **#service** editable selectors with several default options.
- `[Hard]` Add a **#submitSep7** button that builds & transmit the request through the SEP-0007 protocol.

_Give it a try by editing the code!_

### Documentation

- <a href="" target="_blank">CosmicLink documentation</a>
- <a href="" target="_blank">CosmicLink specifications</a>
- <a href="" target="_blank">StellarSdk payment operation documentation</a>

### Social

- [Discuss that pen on GalacticTalk](





                // $ npm install cosmic-lib
// const cosmicLib = require("cosmic-lib")

const $ = document.querySelector.bind(document);
const service = "";

/* Core */
function makeTxRequest() {
  return new cosmicLib.CosmicLink({
    network: $("#network").value,
    memo: $("#memo").value || null
  }).addOperation("payment", {
    destination: $("#destination").value,
    amount: $("#amount").value

/* Interface */
function submitTxRequest() {
  const txRequest = makeTxRequest();

  if (!txRequest.status) { = service;;
  } else {
    const errors = JSON.stringify(txRequest.errors, null, 2);
    $("#error").textContent = errors;

/* Events */
$("#submit").onclick = submitTxRequest;