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                ### Interaction

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

    <input type="text" id="pubkey" placeholder="Public key">
    <pre id="transfers"></pre>


### Description

This pen makes use of [stellar-sdk]( and [@cosmic-plus/loopcall]( to implement a Lumen distribution explorer that has the genesis account for starting point.

### Concepts

- [Lumen distribution]( A process that used to have a [clear mandate](
- [Genesis account]( The first Stellar account, initially holding all Lumens.

### Keypoints

- `GAAZI...CCWN7` is the genesis account. It received 100 billion Lumens at network creation.
- **#transfers** list outgoing payments worth at least one million Lumens.
- Click on **#transfers** destination pubkeys to follow the track.
- `loopcall()` fetches the operation history for **#pubkey** and passes it to `ingest()` on-the-fly.
- `ingest()` filters, formats and displays the records.
- When **#pubkey** changes, `breaker()` returns true & the previous `loopcall()` stops.

### Challenges

- **easy/** Edit this pen to add a **#previous** button that can go back one step at a time until the genesis account.
- **hard/** Edit this pen to let the user to define **#minAmount**, **#maxAmount**, and **#asset**.

_Give it a try by editing the code, and be the first to post a solution on GalacticTalk!_

### Documentation

- [@cosmic-plus/loopcall documentation](
- [stellar-sdk OperationCallBuilder documentation](
- ['Operations for Account' on Stellar laboratory](

### Social

- [Discuss that pen on GalacticTalk](




                // $ npm install stellar-sdk @cosmic-plus/loopcall
// const StellarSdk = require("stellar-sdk")
// const loopcall = require("@cosmic-plus/loopcall")
const $ = document.querySelector.bind(document)

/* Configuration */
const horizon = ""
const server = new StellarSdk.Server(horizon)
const minAmount = 1000000

/* Core */
function iterateOperations (pubkey, filter, breaker)  {
  const callBuilder = server.operations().forAccount(pubkey)
  loopcall(callBuilder, { filter, breaker })

function matchRecord (record) {
  return record.type === "payment"
    && record.asset_type === "native"
    && record.from === $("#pubkey").value
    && record.amount >= minAmount

/* Interface */
function refresh (pubkey) {
  $("#pubkey").value = pubkey
  $("#transfers").innerHTML = ""
  const breaker = () => pubkey !== $("#pubkey").value
  iterateOperations(pubkey, processRecord, breaker)

function processRecord (record) {
  if (!matchRecord(record)) return
  const destination = makeLink(
  const date = record.created_at.substr(0, 10)
  const amount = record.amount.split(".")[0]
  const text = ` | ${date} | ${amount}\n`
  const details = document.createTextNode(text)

function makeLink (pubkey) {
  const a = document.createElement("a")
  a.onclick = () => refresh(pubkey)
  a.textContent = pubkey.substr(0, 5) + "..." + pubkey.substr(-5)
  return a

/* Events */
$("#pubkey").oninput = () => refresh ($("#pubkey").value)

/* Init */