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  <p>And all of that matters just enough for me to feel obligated to say it before I explain how, after more than 60 hours of Fallout 4 in seven days, the only thing stopping me from going back into it is taking this time, right now, to tell you about the game.</p>
  <p>Like every Fallout game, Fallout 4 places you in the shoes of a fish out of water, thrown into the wasteland remains of a nuclear post-apocalypse. Before the bombs fell, some citizens were able to find shelter within the Vaults, massive, hyper-advanced underground cities designed to withstand the end of the world. You play as a survivor from Vault 111, who, through circumstances I should best leave unelaborated, finds himself transported 200 years into the future and separated from his family.</p>


                html {
	font-size: 62.5%; /* Corrects text resizing oddly in IE6/7 when body font-size is set using em units */
	overflow-y: scroll; /* Keeps page centered in all browsers regardless of content height */
	-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%; /* Prevents iOS text size adjust after orientation change, without disabling user zoom */
	-ms-text-size-adjust:     100%; /* */
*:after { /* apply a natural box layout model to all elements; see */
	-webkit-box-sizing: border-box; /* Not needed for modern webkit but still used by Blackberry Browser 7.0; see */
	-moz-box-sizing:    border-box; /* Still needed for Firefox 28; see */
	box-sizing:         border-box;

body {
  background: #E7E7E2;
  margin: 0;
  padding; 0;

article {
  padding: 0 1rem;
  margin: 4rem auto 0;
  max-width: 64rem;

p {
  font-family: 'Fanwood Text', serif;
  font-size: 18px;
  font-size: 1.8rem;
  color: #444;
  line-height: 1.6;
  margin: 1.5rem 0;

q {
  display: block;
  margin: 1.2rem 0;
  font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif;
  font-weight: 800;
  font-size: 26px;
  font-size: 2.6rem;
  color: #ff0052;
  /*background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#ff0052),to(#8e2b88));
  -webkit-background-clip: text;
  -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;*/
  color: #8e2b88;
  -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;
  background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#ff0052),to(#8e2b88));
 background: -o-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#ff0052),to(#8e2b88));
 -webkit-background-clip: text;

q:before { 
    content: '';