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Simple HTML5/CSS3 login form that also works as registration form. You can tweak this form further to use it as part of your web app, website or anything else.


  1. Great. Nice simple login, easy examples to reference and get my login page set up. Thanks!

  2. Hello, nice design.

    I'm trying to embed the login page in my project however the login and register forms do no switch when I click either links. I have set the form id's for register and login forms but it didn't worked.





    what should I write in this tag so that the form switches between the two.

    please help me Ashutosh

  3. hey bro thanks for the design you save me, with a college work, I owe you one. ☺

  4. how can i do an animation on pure js without using jquery?

  5. nice design. however, the animation to switch from login to sign up and vice versa are not working. would appreciate if you could fix this

  6. I keep getting Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined at main.js:1 but i copied exactly how it is on the pen what am i doing wrong?

  7. how do you change the background to red

  8. @DabigSas210 you have to click export@DabigSas210

  9. nvm i got it to turn red

  10. Awesome dude!! As a newcomer to front end this helped SO SO much!! Awesome work, it's simple, neat and tidy! Have been battling a bit with this, I just need to figure out how to link the submit to my client's email address, but thank you for not being a spoonfeeder (no sarcasm or hinting in that statement at all, I truly mean it, cos how else does one learn :) ) but you've provided an awesome platform to work from! :D THANK YOU!! :D :D

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