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In 30 days I am doing 30 sites based on a certain theme.

1.Portfolio 2.Event Invitation 3.Tourist Attraction 4.Product Site 5.Restaurant Menu 6.Book / Author 7.Trailer / Movie 8.Celebrity Fan Page 9.Children's Toy / Game 10.Photographer 11.Mobile services / events 12.Club 13.Beverage site 14.Printint company 15.Motivational Speaker 16.Charitable Organization 17.Clothing / fashion site 18.Cruize ship 19.Candy - New flavor 20.Blog landing page 21.Email Newsletter Template 22.WeightLoss Product/Programm 23. Landscape 24. Recipe Site 25. Game's official site 26. [ I lost the email :| ] 27.TV show 28. Digital Agency 29.Online resume 30. 404 page