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cursor tracking antifa hero Gritty in pure CSS


  1. Dude no, this is what nightmares are made of. (the code however is 👌)

  2. Some things just have character. I like this a lot Cobra.

  3. This is just creepy.

  4. This is just awesome..

    How did u manage to make those hairs?

    They are so perfect & so detailed.

    Never seen anything like this done only with CSS.

  5. @rajatkantinandi lots of box shadows and far too many divs - if you compile the HAML you'll see there are a TON of elements at play. using a blur filter on certain elements helps add a touch of realism as well.

  6. nightmare fuel. i love it.

  7. So cute! I love it:)

  8. Super awesome and the lighting effect is surreal. However, there seem to be scarier orange monsters in my nightmares these days.

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