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nothing added to existing template html :)

This Pen is a fork of Chris Coyier 's Pen Menu.


  1. Love this! Those little clicking together sparks (not really sure what to call them!) are 👌

  2. Cool stuff. though I don't know if it is on my browser side that the entire body shakes.. I like the little sparks created as the boxes "hit" each other

  3. Really cool menu, but like Emmanuel said, the body needs overflow hidden to stop the animations making scrollbars for a split second causing the whole thing to jitter

  4. @shoeyn @git-hype thanks guys- this is my most oft-overlooked property. Probably just need a template with body{ overflow:hidden } set by default because I forget it on the reg :)

  5. Hello, i am a newbie, i am from vietnam. Please convert that css to css normal, i can't added that css to html. Thanks very much.

  6. I love the clipin animation that you made. Sorry i am not good at english, so i hope you sympathize toward me

  7. @khoiromdz if you'd like to view the compiled SCSS (just plain CSS) you can do so by clicking "View Compiled" in the SCSS editor panel- let me know if you need further help looking at it- and thanks!

  8. The little fireworky blasts are the best.

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