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Five tone gradients sampled from California skies. Penned by Anastasia Tumanova


  1. Some really nice multi-tonal gradients here. Especially like the last magic hour one, nice work!

  2. I appreciate the encouragement @MatthewShields, feel free to use any of these in your designs.

  3. Gorgeous. Such a good idea! I love all the class names too haha

  4. Lovely idea.

  5. These are beautiful. Love it!

  6. Nice! I kind of want to copy these into photoshop for photo editing now. haha

  7. I didn't had an account here at codepen, I sign up just to say : Awesome, incredible and lovely job! :)

  8. Welcome to Code Pen @coch3, and thank you!

  9. Beautiful.

  10. so in love with this - lovely work, thanks for sharing!

  11. Awesome, thanks for sharing.

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