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                <p>Safari (10.x, 11.x) <em>sometimes</em> fires multiple blur/focus events on clicking/tapping between form elements.</p>
<p>This bug is discussed in a <a href="">React issue</a> and filed in <a href="">Webkit</a> 😨</p>
<p><input type="text" value="Element 1" id="one">
  <input type="text" value="Element 2" id="two">
  <input type="text" value="Element 3" id="three">
    <button type="button" id="clear">
<p><label>Output</label> <textarea id="output" rows="20" cols="80" readonly></textarea></p>
<p>One possible solution is to throttle focus/blur events. Toggle below to show before/after</p>
<p><label for="use_ignore"><input type="checkbox" id="use_ignore"> Throttle events</label></p>
<p>Curiously, this bug doesn't seem to manifest on clicking the first element.</p>
<p>Disabling "Look up & data detectors" makes the issue to go away which explains why it triggers in MacOS only.</p>


                textarea {
  border: 0;
  background: #efefef;
label {
  display: block;


                const elementOne = document.getElementById("one");
const elementTwo = document.getElementById("two");
const elementThree = document.getElementById("three");
const out = document.getElementById("output");
const clearer = document.getElementById("clear");
const throttleIgnore = document.getElementById("use_ignore");

// functions

clearOutput = () => {
  out.value = "";

let logValue = [];
// 50ms throttle rate which is too fast for human interaction
// Fastest gamers can button mash around 100ms for reference
const throttleDuration = 50;

watchEvent = (element, eventName) => {
  // set the last event time to a safe default for this element
  if (!element.lastEvent) {
    element.lastEvent = 1;

  element.addEventListener(eventName, e => {

    const timeStamp = e.timeStamp;

    // This focus/blur event is too close to the last one for this element
    if (
        throttleIgnore.checked &&
        (eventName === "focus" || eventName === "blur") &&
        timeStamp < (element.lastEvent + throttleDuration)) {
      //ignore it

    logValue.push( + " => " + eventName);
    element.lastEvent = timeStamp;

    if (eventName === "click" || eventName === "focus") {
      out.value = out.value + logValue.join(" | ") + "\n";
      logValue = [];

// Add event listeners

clearer.addEventListener("click", clearOutput);


watchEvent(elementOne, "click");
watchEvent(elementOne, "focus");
watchEvent(elementOne, "blur");
watchEvent(elementTwo, "click");
watchEvent(elementTwo, "focus");
watchEvent(elementTwo, "blur");
watchEvent(elementThree, "click");
watchEvent(elementThree, "focus");
watchEvent(elementThree, "blur");