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                <div ng-app="myApp">
  <div ng-controller="demoController as demo">
    <h2 class="page-header">Angular ngTable: inmemory list</h2>
    <table ng-table="demo.tableParams" show-filter="true" class="table table-bordered table-striped">
      <tr ng-repeat="row in $data track by">
        <td title="'Installation At'" filter="{installationAt: 'text'}" sortable="'installationAt'">{{row.installationAt}}</td>
        <td title="'Admin Email'" filter="{adminEmail: 'text'}" sortable="'adminEmail'">{{row.adminEmail}}</td>
        <td title="'Powered By'" filter="{poweredBy: 'text'}" sortable="'poweredBy'">{{row.poweredBy}}</td>
        <td title="'Powered By Icon'" filter="{poweredByIcon: 'text'}" sortable="'poweredByIcon'">{{row.poweredByIcon}}</td>




                var app = angular.module('myApp', ['ngTable']);
(function() {

  app.controller("demoController", demoController);
  demoController.$inject = ["NgTableParams", "demoDataGenerator"];

  function demoController(NgTableParams, demoDataGenerator) {
    // tip: to debug, open chrome dev tools and uncomment the following line 
    this.tableParams = new NgTableParams({
      page: 1, // show first page
      count: 10 // count per page
    }, {
      filterDelay: 0,
      dataset: demoDataGenerator.generateData(100)

(function() {

  app.service("demoDataGenerator", demoDataGenerator);

  function demoDataGenerator() {

    var template = {
      "installationAt": "Philadelphia, PA",
      "adminEmail": "",
      "poweredBy": "Cofax",
      "poweredByIcon": "/images/cofax.gif"

    this.generateData = generateData;

    function generateData(number) {
      return _.range(number).map(function(n) {
        var clone = _.mapValues(template, function(val) {
          return val + Number(_.uniqueId());
        _.extend(clone, {
          id: n
        return clone;

// note: commented out as currently codepen doesn't seem to like it
  "VLqqjP", "ngTable: server-side list",
  "jPxgzY", "ngTableDynamic: inmemory list",
  "qdLwOb", "Fake backend used by this codepen"