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Le même que le menu précédant en CSS, mais cette fois en utilisant jQuery. La version précédente ne fonctionnait pas sur les apple devices.


  1. Very nice. this should be widely adopted ...navigation menu.

  2. Wow thanks. I was thinking about something pleasing for the eyes, and different from the hamburger icon we've seen so many times (which is still cool).

  3. Thanks a lot. This is just the type of thing i needed. I think you should change "$('.parent2').on('mousedown touchstart', function() {" to "$('.parent2').click( function() {" because in mobile phones, you have to long tap to show the links/elements of the menu.

  4. Yes I was not used to jQuery when I made that. A friend helped me for the syntax :)

  5. The menu is really beautiful except that the items collapses when clicked on them, can't get the link working. What should I change?

  6. Puedo usarlo para mi proyecto que estoy creando ?

  7. Bonjour, Code génial! Grand merci! Cependant, pourquoi chez moi la font-awesome ne veut pas se placer au centre du cercle (test1 -> test4)? Aussi bien avec Firefox 66.05 que Chrome 74.0 :( Sinon... Perfect!

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