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Everybody loves LEGO and nobody likes waiting. 

I've lost track of the number of vehicles and buildings I've made with my son since he had his tonsils out. I just had to dip back into the digital realm for a few hours!


  1. Hey ! I loved it so much and wanted to reproduce it only with CSS. You can check it here if you're interested :

  2. I could watch this all day!

  3. Love this - made a version using HTML/CSS and animated with GSAP -

  4. Hey I'm still rather new to coding so this might sound silly. Where did you create the lego shapes? Are they SVG's or are they created using div's and Css (however I couldn't see that in the code) could you please explain to me how this works? I really love this pen!

  5. @JoBadger This particular pen was created using Bodymovin (now called Lottie-web) inside Adobe After Effects. It's described via a JSON file which is why you can't see any DOM elements in the HTML pane.

  6. Oh that's very cool. Thank you very much!

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