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This is a slight variation on a pagination method I've designed for a client.

I've made it so it's simple to add as many circles (pages) as you need and they can be any distance apart and it doesn't use any filters so performance is good.


  1. Looks great! I might have to fork it and create one that arcs to a new position. Though I don't think I have time for it today.

  2. @pyrografix Cheers! Btw it's got a dynamic mask applied to it which you'd need to remove otherwise you won't see the line between the dots.

  3. very cool animation

  4. WOW nicely elastic effect!

  5. Beautiful. 👍🏼

  6. Great and very simple. Congrats!

  7. It's visually gawwwjusss. What about making it accessible, so a screenreader could use it? Would you have to have separate HTML code and hide this from screenreaders?

  8. @jenstrickland No idea about screen readers. Feel free to fork and test 🙂

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