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Keeping you warm while you wait - don't forget to poke it!

Inspired by this wonderful shot

Here it is with sound.


  1. Hey Chris! Cool to finally connect with you on Codepen. Great work, impressive technique and colors, inspecting now o_0 hehe

  2. I was gonna complement you on the easing... just noticed 'custom ease' plugin. I have yet to try since Jack announced that. Finally cubic-bezier freedom for gsap

  3. @drewendly Thanks Drew - yes CustomEase is a real game changer - we now have unbelievable control over (e)motion. Don't forget to download the very latest ZIP from GreenSock.com - it was updated to this version of CustomEase only very recently.

  4. Great work. i ll try to understand your js..i don't!

  5. @yannrewind Thanks! I firmly believe in plain and simple code that others can read, especially on CodePen so hopefully it should be fairly straightforward..maybe... ;)

  6. :) i m still a nooby in developpment but i ll try to understand. i think i need a professor like you cause it s not easy to learn alone !

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