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A morphing animation to represent different devices. If you like this you can buy it here

This Pen is a fork of Chris Gannon's Pen SVG Flying Saucer.


  1. meditative : ) nice

  2. super slick, my friend. - Carl

  3. You've been on fire dewd!

  4. well.... apple.... apples everywhere..... use a real Computer Like Windows devices :-) nice work even though ;)

  5. @MT-WebDev I completely take your point. I'm actually primarily a Win user but in terms of drawing them, Apple devices are simpler.

  6. did you use edge animate?

  7. @Chris Gannon, is is the same thing like adobe edge animate?

  8. @cyberjo50 Edge Animate is Adobe software that has its own runtime and most animation is created on a GUI timeline. @GreenSock is a pure JS animation platform (GSAP) where you can create tweens and sequence them in virtual timelines.

  9. That color palette <3

  10. Excellent, excellent, excellent... !!!

  11. @chrisgannon This experiment is superb! I have a question! I am wondering any particular reason you are using clip-path instead of opacity mask to hide away portion of an image? What are the pros and cons that you have encountered?

  12. @vennsoh I've been encountering bugs with FireFox and masks (especially when dynamically creating/adding cloned or use tag items to a masked group) so unless I need transparency I use clip paths.

  13. Fantastic work! GASP is the best :)

  14. it's so hypnotizing @_@ maybe next u can add a smart watch icon!

  15. This is really cool. Can I use this on my website?

  16. @jmar The reason I make these demos is so that folks can learn from them (and in turn I learn a lot too). Why not take some ideas from this and make your own version?

  17. rad..!!!!

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