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I've been watching James Curran's interview on GIF animation so I thought I'd make my own loop!


  1. hey. awesome work. Just wondering how did you created whole mask thing?

  2. @sohrabzia Create a graphic block that is a rectangle with the 'hole' shape added to it at the bottom. Then apply that as a clipPath to the character.

  3. Funny. Learned something too. Reminds me of the "whack a mole" game on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Used to win every game back in the day. In fact, they banned me from playing one memorable Summer. Trick is to keep your eyes focused on the entire play area.

    Showing some love from New Orleans

  4. @WhizofaWiz Ha yeah - I found the mistake people made was to whack the mole as hard as they could. Actually the sensor on the mole is very sensitive so light taps are all that was needed which meant you could hit more moles more quickly.

  5. This makes me so happy.

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