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This is the interactive version of the animation I built live at the Reasons To Be Creative conference 2015.

Pull the handle down for a breakfast treat!

This is based on this illustration


  1. This is great! Will there be a video of your talk?

  2. @rachsmith @sdras Cheers both! No I don't think it was filmed. Usually I'm very happy not to be filmed but I particularly enjoyed this session - it was fun and relaxed with lots of laughter (and even random rounds of applause!) and we all had a great time I think so it would have been nice to see it.

  3. Sad to have missed this! I'm sure your talk was excellent. Glad it went so well. Let me know if you speak again, I'd like to attend if possible.

  4. @sdras No idea about future talks really but I'll be sure to get you on the VIP list if I can! :)

  5. hahahaha this is awesome!

  6. I'm feeling inspired. Thanks Chris!

  7. I love this! Love the simplicity and interactivity! Great work Chris! Very inspiring!

  8. Gotta love toast!

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